Feedbacks / Reviews from her students

Prof. Amora Shams as a Teacher:
After the courses, each student is asked to post publicly in the forums some Feedbacks from the courses and the teacher, but not all of them do, many forget. Here are some:

Swedish Private Student feedback:
"BBDC upplevelsen tillsammans med Amora är något jag aldrig kommer glömma. Amora är en fantastisk dansare och lärare som vet precis hur hon ska nå dansaren inom oss alla. Hon är så otroligt engagerad och entusiastisk inför varje lektion och smittar en med sin danspassion. I denna kurs täcker hon allt och lite till som gäller för att bli en magdansare, men man lär sig så mycket mer än bara dans. Vill du lära dig magdansa är Amora och BBDC kursen det bästa valet. Hon tar sin uppgift på allvar och hon bryr sig jättemycket om att hennes elever ska nå sina mål och sprida sin magi ut i världen. Hon ser sina elever som små frön, som hon planterar, vårdar, matar och skyddar och när man växt sig stor och stark och kommit upp till ytan är man redo att sträcka sig mot ljuset. Amora öppnade upp många låsta dörrar i mitt huvud och förklarar dansens stora betydelse och mening. Hon lär dig KORREKT teknik, dansens otroliga historia och lockar fram dig i din dans. Hennes sätt att lära ut är 100% baserat på hennes elev, hon skräddarsyr kursen efter dig, dina behov och önskningar. Hon är otroligt snäll, generös, förstående men framför allt ROLIG. Den här resan har för mig varit över alla förväntningar och jag har aldrig varit så säker på vart jag ska i livet förens nu. Bästa Amora TACK." Kamilia from Sweden

"I have participated in Become Belly Dancer Course with Amora Shams in September 2015 in Almunecar, Spain. I decided to take a part of that course because i felt like to try something new, something I had always dreamt about.  It was not easy time, during those 3 weeks me and other student had to work very hard to achive results and pass all exams. We sweated, cried, felt tired but also laughed and had a great time together. Sometimes my body was saying "no", other times my motivation and will went very down but I overcame all of that.
If you are considering participation to Amora's course you should be aware that this is not only a dance course. This is also a time when you put yourself into many difficult situations to deal with. Amora is a very good teacher, smiling, open, talkative person but also strict and "dictator like". She will give a package of knowledge you need have to become a belly dancer but what you will do afterwards with this package is up to you. What I want to say is that the course demands desolation both from student and a teacher and many times is not easy. This is not a thing like: "you pay it you got it" is more like: " you work it you got it".
I am really happy I was there with Amora. Belly dancing gives me freedom and happiness, thank you Amora for leading me in this most difficult time for learning. I will always keep in my heart the time when we had danced on the beach with the veils. And then you said that wherever  we will perform and feel uncomfortable about the place then we should come back to this beach, to the wind and the feeling which was in us. " Beata from Poland and Norway

"I have been studying belly dance here in the USA for many years now... I learned all the isolations, how to string movements together into combinations, how to layer shimmies and traveling steps. I have been teaching myself since 2008 (and my students winning small competitions and wowing local audiences). But something was missing...
I approached those teachers I had studied under for their advice and direction as to what this might be, and what I needed to learn / accomplish in order to develop into the dancer I dreamt of becoming. ((They were at a loss - saying they had given/taught me everything they knew)).
I did not beging learning "how to dance properly" until I began studying w/ Amora Shams BellyDance. Her BECOME A BELLY DANCER COURSE gives each dancer the knowledge, discipline, training, and ability they need to become an exceptional dancer. Other programs I have researched do not offer as complete or in depth study as Amora's BBDC. Do your own research and you will come to the same conclusion. I am reborn!  No longer a dancer struggling to move...  And no longer a teacher passing things incorrectly to my students. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND THIS COURSE TO EVERYONE!"  Chandra from USA 

"We were a group of 3 girls from Malta, studying the 70 hour Bellydance course with Amora. I must say it is very intensive, and requires a lot of hard work and practice. But what we learnt is for life and no other teacher has thought us. You learn to listen and feel the music and as amora always say 'soft and sweet. It might have been hard, three weeks studying morning and night. Amora spent hours and hours with us day after day. We laughed, we cried when we couldnt get things right, but we learnt so much. What we learnt we practced back home. It was a tranformation from bellydancers to professional teaching level. Thank you Amora" Caramella from Malta

 "Hello Madam Amora, I am teaching at the government school I used to teach before but with my own choreographies. I've learnt more how to listen to a song as you taught us and it helps my dance. In November 2012 I was in the Philippines on a talent competition and I got a bronze medal, there were about 5 other "belly dancers", which was a great honour for me. Even though we cried a lot, and fought and laughed as well last year in Egypt, it was worth it! And as you said, studying, doing homework and drawing helped a lot!" Yasmin from Malta

"Amora is amazing, both as a teacher and as a person. She is probably the most passionate and devoted teacher and individual I have ever met. She gives all of her knowledge and herself to her teaching. I first contacted Amora a couple of years ago with an interest in her style of teaching, particularly as it was taught in a very intensive manner, but it wasn't until late August 2011 that I finally caught a break at work and was able to get away and take a private intensive 2-week course from her in Egypt. Amora's courses are intensive and yield results. Amora gives you every tool you need to become a professional bellydancer, and so much more. I am thankful to Amora for being the most amazing, caring and compassionate person, teacher and friend whom I will charish always. My only regret is not having been able to study with Amora for a longer period of time...luckly this is subdued by the fact that I will undoubtedly return to study with Amora at some point in the near future. Enshallah:) " Hillarie from USA

"I enjoyed the Amora Shams course which I took in Egypt. It was a fantastic all-round experience which not only included dance classes but also trips to costume shops, the sights of Cairo and Giza, tannora shows and classes, having your business cards designed and visits to see belly dancers performances. The intensive month has something to offer to all dancers no matter their level. I will defiantly want to study with Amora in the future. She has a vast knowledge of the art which she doesn't hold back on sharing with you." Zara from UK and Egypt 
"I was trained in Belly Dance by Amora in Egypt. I can say that Amora's Belly Dance training is amazing and beneficial for any aspiring or proffessional dancers wishing to better their dance ability because Amora teaches you how TO BE THE BEST. During her trainining she told us 'Learn from the best and work with the best' and this pespective relley reflects in her training'. This is deifinately a course I would reccomment for any dancer because you will definately finish the course a more improved and confident dancer. Amora gives 100% to her students during the training and relley cares about them learning oriental dance. Training with Amora has been my best and most beneficial dance experience." Azin from UK and Iran
"I have been belly dancing in Cairns Australia for the last 5 years before coming to Egypt to attend Amora's course. I can tell you with 100% honesty that Amora is the best teacher that I have worked with. Amora does not hold back with her experience and goes out her way to pass on all of her valuable knowledge. Her aim is to better students to become the very best that they can become. Not only did I learn how to improve my belly dancing but Amora taught me about the theories behind this oriental dance. I now have more confidence and know I am a better person and a better dancer for the experience. I have never been so emotionally involved in belly dancing until I attended this course. Thank you so much, Amora. You are the BEST teacher I ever had." Samia from Japan and Australia
"Before I tried a lot of belly dance teachers, but she is the best one, she does not only taught me how to dance, she also taught me to listen to music, feeling the music and dancing. Before her, my problem was to look for a good teacher, because there is no better dancer than her.  All people who want to learn belly dance, I recommend Amora. To be her student is an honor, she danced for me to resolve some problems I could not understand. Her dancing is from the inside to out, the environment is integrated with the whole body. As the movie "Whatever Lola wants" when it's mentioned that belly dance is the highest state of the world when she will stop dancing. I think she will always be my teacher. Hope that she will come to China to teach belly dance culture. Finally, I sincerely say to my teacher Amora, Thank you!" Mariel from China and Mexico
 Original comment in CHINEESE:

"Hello my name is Jaycee and I recently just finished a 60 hour intensive Belly dance course with Amora in Marbella Spain. My journey with Amora will always be a memorable one, Amora immersed me in the culture, language, music, theory, style, beliefs, history and joy of Oriental and Belly dance. For the first time I feel like I have a higher purpose when I am dancing, Oriental style. A responsibility that all dancers have after studying with Amora. I feel like Amora has worked me through the stages of wanting to dance Oriental, being invited to dance Oriental style and then being called to dance it... Amora turns you into a professional belly dancer very quickly, giving you a rich in depth infusion of all her experiences, travels and studies. Amora teaches with a fiery passion on her mission to clean up the image of Belly dance. This dance is a sacred art and I feel totally blessed to have found Amora as a teacher... Thank You Amora
Additional thoughts on my experience with Amora as a teacher... 
When I first met Amora, I knew the course was going to be amazing, at first I was complaining about the amount of written homework to be done, but at the end it the hard work payed off.. Its very important to do the homework, otherwise I wouldn't have been able to digest the information in my body and my mind..The homework helped me to be able to perform in a new way!  I have to say that if you are thinking of doing this course do not feel uncomfortable about the 50% in advance. It is a must, to book Amora's time, she is very busy and only deserves very serious students. Rest assured you are sending the money to a person that won't let you down. If you want quality results you must solidify your space with Amora in advance..I booked my flights, flat and everything first before meeting Amora and it was all fine, she is very professional and a very wise business woman.  Now after the course I can create my own choreography, improvise to any belly dance music and even wowed the crowd at my first Belly Dance performance! Amora surprised me with a performance at a Lebanese restaurant in Marbella, the owners and current house professional Belly dancer could not believe I had started 20 days ago, and that this was my first solo Belly dance performance! THANK YOU AMORA!!" Jaycee
"I am Miranda an Egyptian mother, my daughter Giselle is 5 years old and having classes with Amora. I consider her very lucky to have this chance and learn dancing from a professional and talented person like Amora. Moreover, she knows how to deal with children, that's why my daughter loves her and is very happy for spending this hour with her. More important that Amora is not only just a talented belly dancer but also knows everything concerning the origin of movements from ancient Egyptians. During her classes, she draws the movements and explain them which is very interesting, not only for the kids but for me too. She gained experience as she has traveled to many different countries. We are lucky to have her here in Egypt. On the other hand, Amora is so nice, friendly, and generous. Hope my daughter continues with her till she reaches a good level." Miranda & Giselle
"Amora is a great teacher and she is aware of her potential as a dancer, it is impossible to describe what you feel in their classes until you receive them, then you are aware of how lucky you have been of meeting her". Benita
Original comment in SPANISH:  Amora es una gran profesora y ella es consciente de su potencial como bailarina, es imposible describir lo que sientes en sus clases hasta que no las recibes no eres consciente de la suerte que has tenido en conocerla. Espero verte pronto Amora.
"It is difficult to explain how it feels with her classes, alternating with her great technical knowledge of the origin of the dance making you capture its essence. Attention girls Amora knows when you've been practicing and when you've been lazy! Amora was my first teacher and through it I keep practicing in Barcelona because, despite my clumsiness, she always had a word of encouragement to keep going ... Amora Thanks for giving me hooked on belly dancing, surely would not have continued if not for you! She mixes her amazing technique with the knowledge of the Origen of Dance making you to catch its essence. Attention girls, she knows perfectly when you have been training at home or just being lazy! Amora has been my first teacher and thanks to her I keep practicing in Barcelona, because, even if I recognize that I am a slowly student,, she always had a helping word to make you keep going ... Thank you Amora for catching me into Belly Dancing, by sure I won't have continuous if I won't have met you!" Rosi
Original comment in SPANISH: Es difícil explicar lo que se siente con sus clases, alterna su gran técnica con los conocimientos del orígen de la Danza haciendo que captes su esencia. Atención chicas sabe perfectamente cuando has estado practicando o cuando has estado perezosa! Amora ha sido mi primera profesora y gracias a ella sigo practicando en Barcelona porque, a pesar de mi torpeza, ella siempre tenía una palabra de aliento para seguir adelante... Gracias Amora por haberme "enganchado" a la Danza del Vientre, seguramente no hubiera seguido de no ser por ti! I love you

"I like the good humor in her lessons, we learn a lot. Personally I feel very great about energy and the precision of explaining how chakras work." Magdalena 
"Amora was my first teacher, in London 3 years ago. She inspired me to take up belly dancing and now I am part of a troupe that regularly performs throughout the south of England. She has a good understanding of the origins of belly dancing and having a career in ballet has really helped her perfect her moves." Alison

Next feedback it's from Nagisa from Japan:

Video of Amora students dancing in front of Egypian public facing the Pyramids of Giza, after ending the  "Become Belly Dancer in 20 days Course":

 Nowadays the 3 of them still are dancing: 
  • 1st dancer: Samia keeps her bellydancing carear in Australia.
  • 2nd dancer: Azin nowadays it's dancing in 5* places in London, Oxford and Berminham, making a duo show with Zara.  
  • 3rd dancer: Zara won a London Competition after she achieved some goals that Amora sent her to perfectionate after ending her course, now organizes her dancing events with food and other dances, just created her first Magazine in BellyDance and since before the course she has her own BellyDance Online Shop.

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