Wednesday, 29 March 2017

Diferences between Group Students and Private Students studying the BBDC

When you are booking this BellyDance Course you must know that you don't have the same rights when booking as a Private Student than as a Group Student:

Private Students rights and obligations
  • You will be learning in a One-to-One trainning alone with Amora Shams, so all the attention will be over you
  • You can chose if you want or not your Show Test Video Performance and photos, to be published Online, to become or not a part of the future Marketing of this Course.
  • If during the course, you decide not to go forward following the structure of the course,  then you can decide to change it into something else, such as into creating choreographies, stretching for becoming flexible or Acrobatic Dancer, or focus into another fields inside this dance form as a Sufi Dervish Dancer, Folklore Dancer, etc.
  • To get the Certifcation, you decide in how long period of time you want to complete the BBDC, either in 12 days Program (5 hours per day plus exams) or in 25 days Program (3 hours per day included exams).

Group Students rights and obligations
  • You will be learning in a Group trainning with other collegues, so you will share the attention with your classmates, and as more are in the group, less chances of quicker development
  • The Show Test Video Performance will be published Online on the Internet, becoming part of the marketing of this course, as a prove that the BBDC "Become a BellyDancer Course" works and is giving the results that are published. You will not have any copyrights over this material, as all how you performed was according to what you learned during the course.
  • When you are inside a course, you must follow the Course Structure until the last day
  • As a Group Student if you take the 12 days Program (6 hours per day) you will not get any Certification, so to get the Certfication you must study the BBDC in two months Program, which means what you saved on the Course fees by booking as a group student, you will spend it in the food and accomodation fees.
  • As a Group Student joinning a Group Course, if the Group is not organised, you will only get the proportion of the Course fees you paid for, which is a minimum of the 3rd part of the course, so as the BBDC is a 60 hours taught program, you will only be paying for 20 Private Hours, that if this happens to you, you can chose if you want to study them in less time, keep the original progammed dates, or decide to join the Group Course in a future edittion.
  • To get Certified as a Group Student of the BBDC in 25 days  Program you must organise your own group, and book the course as a Group of minimum 3 students (not as a private student joinning a Group Course).