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LEARN ARABIC in an EASY WAY specially for BELLYDANCERS !!! 馃拑馃‍♀️ * Free Classes by Amora Shams

If you are in the world of BellyDance, then you should know some basics, especially when you travel to the Dance Festivals of the Arabian Countries and you are willing to be able to communicate with the people who created this beautiful form of dance and get into their Culture, learning Arabic it's a must for foreigner BellyDancers!

Amora Shams has started two NEW YouTube accounts focus on sharing with the world all about the formation course she created and teaches to produce BellyDancers in record time:

* YouTube in English Become a BellyDancer Course
* YouTube in Spanish: FP Danza Oriental

Her old YouTube Channel Golden BellyDancer Amora Shams will be focus only on her as a Performer.

As she does not like to share the secrets of BellyDance publicly, she only teaches them to her BBDC or BGBDC students, she decided to leave these new accounts for exclusively share the feedbacks of her course students, sharing some videos of the course workshops, some small videos of her explaining something related to BellyDance (especially old videos from first youtube channel) and now she has started to also teach Arabic in an easy way for anyone who wants to learn to be a great BellyDancer.

Check her first   free  ARABIC classes, please don't forget to comment, subscribe, like and share with your friends, to motivate her to keep uploading more videos:

Visit Website:

Contact by email:

Saturday, 3 November 2018

BellyDance has been Market as an erotical dance

Even if you are for years not practising, at any moment you get an offer to perform somewhere, you can always say "Yes!"

Because BellyDance is not related to how fit “body shape” you are, BellyDance it's related to your Soul and Mind.

For Arabian cultures a fatty woman means a healthy woman, for Americanised cultures a slim it's the healthy woman, and the same affects women for the dance field.

I have been most of my dance career very slim, and also I have performed fatty. I felt more feminine and with more facility to do certain BellyDance movements when I was fatter than when I was slimmer, but also loosing ability to do difficult movements that when I was slimmer I could perform them easier.

The problem is that BellyDance in the past 3 decades has been sold to men audience as an eroticism dance, because many performers and teachers have market it as such a form of dance, but in reality BellyDance is a Millenarian form of Dance were dancers were Priests who were living on Egyptian Temples of the Pharaoh times.

Therefore were sacred, the form of dance they were performing was focus into the regeneration of the feminine body, soul and mind, was never focus or created to seduce men!

More will be explained on the book that I am writing or to those students who study the BBDC or BGBDC.

Amora Shams (BellyDancer since 1993 and daughter of Alia Shams an Archeologist BellyDancer and one of the pioneer BellyDancers of the 1980's in Spain).

Tuesday, 9 October 2018

BBDC Become a BellyDancer in 28 days Course * ONCE A YEAR GROUP COURSE *

Amora Shams will only teach the BBDC to Group Students once a year
Become a BellyDancer Course taught in 20 days plus exams plus resting days, a total of 28 days
This course is a very intensive course, were students do not have time for themselves during the course, it's not a "holiday", is a formation course as if you were at University.

All the information you learn during the BBDC is all the tools you should know to become a successful BellyDance Performer, Teacher and Choreographer, starting from the most basic knowledge in BellyDance until the Professional Level.

The course is taught with 4 levels, each level is a 5 days (about 15 hours) classes, and practical-written exams must be passed two days after the end of each level. 

On Beginner Level
the student learns to move from the most basic until the most advanced movements any BellyDancer should know. On the last years, Amora has been increasing the quantity of movements taught in this level because trying to get from her students a new generation of Golden Age BellyDancers, because nowadays none one uses the movements that were used on Golden Age Times. Also you should know that most of the BellyDancer teachers worldwide divide their programs in levels teaching level per level more and more difficult movements,  instead on Amora Shams BBDC and BGBDC she teaches all the movements in just beginner level, like this students in just 5 to 10 days they know all the movements they should know to be able to understand and develop well during the rest of the course.

On Intermediate Level
students learn to improvise, dance to Balady, dance to Taxims and dance to any percussion, and they learn to use of the veil, double veil, and dance with cymbals.

On Advance Level
students learn to make any choreography, they also learn to use the wings, capes, cane Saidi Dance, candelabra dance and sword dance.

On Professional Level
this week is for preparing yourself to perform in front of public with all what you learned during the course, and to get bravos from your audience, and like this you will be able to win in BellyDance Competitions or become a famous performer earning lots of money, like these BBDC students:

 Zara (UK-Egypt): 
won best BellyDancer of UK few months after ending the BBDC, has her own Online BellyDance Costumes Shop, created her own BellyDance Magazine after the BBDC and now is a famous BellyDancer in Cairo, EGYPT.

Azin (UK-Iran): 
days after ending the BBDC she got a one year contract with a high class Lebanese restaurant in UK, then she moved to London to work in duo with Zara as "Zazeen" (both studied the BBDC together on the same reduced group on September 2011 in Egypt with Amora Shams), they worked on UK-African and UK-Bollywood movies, and they got a contract to work in Nairobi Kenya, both worked on video-clips, Azin stayed in Nairobi earning 1000's of USD per night on tips, after dancing in diferent countries Dubai, Egypt, Malta, etc. now she is dancing in Turkey.

Caramella (Malta): 
months after the BBDC, she won her first prize, and so far she won 3 prices after the course, after the course she become a famous instructor in BellyDance festivals in Egypt, Malta, Morocco and Italy.

Yasmin (Malta):
 months after the BBDC, she got 3rd position in an international dance festival, but 1st position in the module of BellyDance, she become the first BellyDance instructor for the Government of Malta, she combines her modelling and Classical Ballet careers with her performances as a BellyDancer at weddings all around Malta.

Ariya (UK-India): 
before studying the BBDC, she achieved Level 5 "Professional Level" from a famous BellyDance school in London, as soon she started the BBDC, she realized that the knowledge taught by Amora Shams had nothing to do with what she was taught previously, Ariya didn't know how to improvise or create any choreography, and she obviously could not start her dancing career until she studied the BBDC, she will only know how to do one type of turn and only over herself, never turning around the space, or moving in an undular way around the space, or rhythmic hip movements around the space, in terms of movements, she was limited (like Zara and Azin when they came to learn from Amora), and to work for the Arabian costumers in Arabian restaurants with live musicians this was a big problem, no wonders why her previous London famous teacher never danced in Arabian Restaurants, only on theaters, ... During the BBDC taught in Egypt, Ariya got a job offer to work in Cairo with BellyDancing license, but Amora considered that Ariya wasn't ready yet, once Ariya ended the BBDC with a successful Show Test achieving the recognition by the Luxor public in Egypt, she got the Professional Level Certificate of the BBDC, and went back to London, days after her arrival back home, she got work as a bellydancer, and has not stop working in many events since then. Ariya recognized to Amora, that what helped the most in terms of getting work everywhere, is the ability to improvise which learned from Amora on Intermediate Level.

Join the Once a Year Reduced Group Courses

3rd-30th December 2018
Almunecar, SPAIN

2nd-29th September 2019

Hurghada, Luxor & Cairo, EGYPT

Course Fee per student:
1500 euros

Book your spot by paying 50% now and the remaining fee to start the course
Contact by email to start your registration:

Thursday, 27 September 2018

Super Special Discounts booking until 7th.Oct.18 for study the BBDC next years

The BBDC Become a BellyDancer Course is an intensive program taught in 20 days plus 4 days exams plus 4 days for revissions, a total of 28 days (4 weeks) and for those students who want to work as Professional BellyDancers have to study an extra 7 days the Professional Level with a final exam performing facing public "The Show Test" where public votes if the student has achieved the professional level or not.Each Level is a One week course except the Beginner Level, because this first level it's so intense that several students have asked to study it in 2 weeks.
From Beginner Level until Advanced Level each has international recognition by United Nations of Dance department who sends international certifications to BBDC students once they have completed the highest level they achieved during their studies with Amora Shams. Students can only get 1 level per year, therefore it is advised to study the complete course in one time so students can achieve the top international level "Level 3" in just 1 month, and not need to wait another year to get next level.
The Professional Level has non international recognition, due that it's the public and some experts in bellydance who vote if they are ready to work as performers or not.  Those BBDC students that after studying the course, they win National or International BellyDance Competitions, they get by Amora Shams "Become a BellyDancer School" a special international certification.
In this course you will learn the following:
 You will learn to use the cymbals, veil, double veil, wings, capes, sword, candelabra and the cane saidi dance, also the hair golf dance, the belly and arm movements of pharaohnic ancestral dance, classical egyptian all variations movements in one spot and dancing on the space, starting from the most basic until the most advanced, turns, sufi dance, rithual dances and folkloric dances of Saidi, Alexandrian Egyptian dance, plus which movements goes with which music in the traditional way to be able to improvise to any song, music structure to be able to choreography any song, etc.
 You will learn to understand the difference of any "bellydancer" with a professional bellydancer
You will learn the Golden Age BellyDance Style


 The BBDC will be taught in Spain any previously booked 1 month program
 from October 2018 until August 2019 and in Egypt only on September 2019.
Bookings are open for studying the BBDC on 2018 - 2019 - 2020. 
Harry up to get the special discounts until 7th October 2018!

* Special Fees for Private Student booking before end of 7th October 2018 *  Send 50% now to book this special offer and bring in cash the remaining 50% to start your course!
Complete BBDC Become a BellyDancer in 28 days Course
2250 euros
Beginner Level BBDC in 7 days Course  750 euros
Intermediate Level BBDC  in 7 days Course   7
50 euros
Advanced Level BBDC  in 7 days Course  750 euros
Professional Level BBDC  in 7 days Course  750 euros

* Private students must cover the extra fee to bring Amora Shams to teach in Egypt: 
 add 1000 euros extra to study one week or 2000 euros extra for the complete one month course.

* Fees per student for Group Students booking before end of 
7th October 2018 *  Minimum 2 students. Send full payment to book your spot! You can join the Group for December 2018 in Spain, or you can try to create another group course for another date you propose on your student registration form, but if the group is not formed for the dates you booked for, then you will have to join another time  where someone else wants to join you, but best option for you will be to get another female friend of yours to book same dates you want to study the course.
Complete BBDC Become a BellyDancer in 28 days Course1125 euros per student
Beginner Level BBDC in 7 days Course  375 euros per student
Intermediate Level BBDC  in 7 days Course  
375 euros per student
Advanced Level BBDC  in 7 days Course  375 euros per student
Professional Level BBDC  in 7 days Course 
375 euros per student 

* Group students share the extra fee to bring Amora Shams to teach in Egypt:
 add 1000 euros extra to study one week or 2000 euros extra for the complete one month course.

Please just note that the BBDC "Become a BellyDancer Course" and the BGBDC "Become a Golden BellyDancer Course" are the same course, but the BGBDC is the new name Amora gives to it because she only teaches the Traditional Golden Age BellyDance Style because she is trying to regenerate this dance through the course, creating a new generation of Golden Age BellyDancers very respected performers by all the world. On the following link you can find her latest video were Amora explains about her origins and why she is teaching the BBDC:


Friday, 27 July 2018

Become a BellyDancer Course in Spain * 7 days per level or 28 days for complete course

The BBDC it’s the most intensive BellyDance
Course in the World.

Students must study hard daily, as University
studies, because has International Certification,
therefore requires full-time study into the program,
where they will learn all what a BellyDancer needs
to know to become a successful teacher,
choreographer and performer.

Students learn to do all movements correctly for
healing purpuses and high quality elegant shows,
history, styles, Baladi, Taxims, Tabla, and how to
use all items: Cane Saidi Folkloric Dance, Sword,
Cymbals, Candelabra, Veils, Isis wings, Cape,
Sufi Dervish Dance, Bedouin Dance, Nubian Dance,
Turkish floor Dance, learn to Improvise by tharab
like an Arabian, learn to create any Choregraphy
to any song, and tricks of the trade.

This summer, Amora Shams after been half year
in Egypt, returns to the west to teach the BBDC
“Become a BellyDancer Course” that she created
on 2008 while she was living in Cairo, that has
changed drastically the life’s of her students, some
of them winning in BellyDance Competitions,
becoming famous dancers, teachers and
choreographers, even in BellyDance Festivals.

Now is your chance to study this 20 workshops
course plus 4 days exams plus 4 resting days,
at an affordable price as you will study in a Group.

Amora Shams is a famous teacher in EGYPT, now she has moved to SPAIN

Come to the sunny beaches of Almunecar or Marbella both in Spain, to study this amazing 1 month certified course or just book her for a 7 days Intensive BellyDance International Certified Level.

Book with the 50% now and the rest to start your training
Get 10% discount when booking complete fee by one payment.
Fees studying as a Private Student:
 1000€ per 7 days level
 3000€ for 28 days Complete 4 levels Course.

 Book your Course before it's too late!

Students can choose where they want the course to take place, either on one of the touristic and historical villages of Almu帽茅car or Marbella, closest International Airport to both places is AGP Malaga.

This is why it's very important to book early in advance, so Amora can arrenge everything to be taught on the days and place you prefer.

All starting Levels are Welcome * Only female students.
Taught Sundays to Thursdays average 3 daily teaching hours. Exams on Saturdays


Tuesday, 3 July 2018

AUGUST 2018 SPAIN :: Get the discounted Fee Booking before 6th July as a BBDC group student

This summer you have the chance of learning in Spain the BBDC "Become a Belly Dancer Course" the course that changed the life of those who study it. 

Not only you get an International Level Certification when you successfully pass your exams, but also you will learn all what a BellyDancer needs to know to become a successful performer, teacher and choreographer. After the course, you will not longer need a teacher. This is the certificate of one of my last BBDC private student (i deleted her name because I don't have the permission to share her certificate with her name):

Book your spot before it's too expensive for you to join it. There are already some students who booked, and there is a limit of 9 students per group. Now you can reserve it straight from the website link before gets higher fee for you to join.

Contact by email:

Saturday, 30 June 2018


Aun quedan plazas para este verano!    Programa de Formaci贸n Profesional con Certificaci贸n Internacional d贸nde se imparte desde nivel absolutamente cero hasta nivel proofesional, entregando a las alumnas todas las herramientas que necesitan para desarrollarse c贸mo bailarinas, profesoras y core贸grafas exitosas.
Por ello no importa el nivel con el que se empiece el curso, principiantes son bienvenidas, y a profesionales les conviene aprender lo que se imparte en el curso, ya que el nivel 1 del curso es lo que se imparte como nivel principiante a avanzado en todo el mundo hoy en dia.
A煤n quedan plazas libres para 茅ste verano 2018:
* Julio en Sfax T脷NEZ
* Agosto en Almu帽茅car ESPA脩A
* Septiembre en Marbella ESPA脩A
El BBDC es el curso m谩s intenso de BellyDance en el mundo.
Las estudiantes deben estudiar de forma intensa todos los d铆as, como estudios Universitarios, porque tiene Certificaciones de Nivel Internacionales, por lo tanto se requiere dedicaci贸n a tiempo completo en el estudio y desarrollo del programa, donde aprender谩n todo lo que una BellyDancer necesita saber para convertirse en una gran profesora, core贸grafa y bailarina.
Las estudiantes aprenden a hacer todos los movimientos correctamente para prop贸sitos de curaci贸n y espect谩culos elegantes de alta calidad, tambi茅n aprenden la historia, los estilos y c贸mo hacer cualquier baladi, cualquier taxim y cualquier Solo Tabla, adem谩s aprenden a usar los accesorios tradicionales de: Folklore Cane Saidi Danza, Espada, Cr贸talos, Velos, Candelabro, Alas Isis-Capas, Danza Derviche Suf铆, Danza Beduina, Danza Nubia, Danza Turca de Suelo, y trucos del oficio indispensables para ser profesional y triunfar en competiciones, adem谩s aprenden a improvisar con Tarab o Tharab (duende), aprendiendo a crear cualquier coreograf铆a y a c贸mo ser una excelente maestra.
Este verano, Amora Shams despu茅s de pasar medio a帽o en Egipto, regresa para impartir el curso que cre贸 en 2008 viviendo en El Cairo, Egipto, y que ha cambiado dr谩sticamente la vida de quienes lo han estudiado.
Los precios var铆an seg煤n la fecha de la reserva, como se muestra en el p贸ster, m谩s cada grupo tiene un l铆mite de hasta 9 alumnas, por lo tanto, si desean estudiar este curso, deben hacer la reserva y no esperar hasta el ultimo dia.
Las clases del curso son 3 horas diarias con la profesora Amora Shams de Lunes a Viernes, d铆a libre cada S谩bado, para examinarse cada Domingo. Impartido en los d铆as y lugares anunciados el el p贸ster, para s贸lo dos grupos:
Versi贸n Inglesa: de 11:00h a 14:00h
Versi贸n Espa帽ola de 17:00h a 20:00h
La direcci贸n concreta de las salas, ser谩 compartida con las alumnas que hayan reservado. La fecha l铆mite de reservas terminan una semana antes de empezar el curso. Se recomienda no reservar alojamiento hasta haber hecho previamente la reserva del curso.
Para apuntarse, se requiere un dep贸sito no-devolvible de 500 euros, el resto del importe se debe de entregar en efectivo en el evento de bienvenida e introducci贸n al curso un d铆a antes de empezar el curso.  Pueden realizar el pago de reserva a trav茅s de la pagina web.
Contacto por correo electr贸nico:

Versi贸n Espa帽ola:

Versi贸n Inglesa:

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Ballet comes from Egyptian Dance

If you want to study the roots of Classical Ballet, you should study with Amora Shams who studied the career in Ballet in the Professional Conservatory of Dance in Spain.

Due that her her mother was one of the first BellyDancers in Spain, on early 1990's Amora started to perform publicly as a BellyDancer, since then, she has been 25 years dedicated into one of the oldest form of dance, becoming  one of the top BellyDancers in Europe.

In the past 10 years, since she created the BBDC in Egypt, she mainly focus into creating high quality BellyDancers in record time. Since 2011 her course it's recognized by United Nations of Dance due to it's University Program Level, becoming International Certified Course.

 There are still vacancies for studying the Become a BellyDancer Course this Summer in Spain, here is all the information in case you are interested to join:

Become Belly Dancer Course * July in Sfax TUNISIA * August in Almunecar SPAIN * September in Marbella SPAIN

. The BBDC it's the most intensive BellyDance Course in the World, where starting from any level, you will learn to become a great teacher, performer and choreographer.


Students must study hard daily, as University studies, because has International Level Certifications, therefore requires full-time dedication into the program, where they will learn all what a BellyDancer needs to know to become a successful teacher, choreographer and performer.

Students learn to do all movements correctly for healing purposes and high quality elegant shows, they also learn the history, the styles, and how to do any baladi, any taxim and any solo tabla, plus they learn how to use the props Cane Saidi Folkloric Dance, Sword, Cymbals, Veils, Candelabra, Isis wings, Capes, Sufi Dervish Dance, Bedouin Dance, Nubian Dance, Turkish Floor Dance, tricks of the trade plus Learn how to improvise with Tarab or Tharab, create any Choreography and how to become an excellent teacher.

This summer Amora Shams after spending half year in Egypt, it's coming back to west to teach this amazing course, that has dramatically changed the life of those who have study it.

Fees vary according to how late you book as it is shown in the poster below, plus each group it is limited up to 9 students, therefore if you want to study this course, then you should harry up, before you loose your spot. Taught in English version on the mornings from 11am-1pm and in Spanish version on the afternoons from 5-8pm.

Spanish Version:

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Friday, 20 April 2018

Work & Study * Become a Golden Age BellyDancer * 3 Months Program in Egypt

If you are searching for a BellyDance course that gives you International Certification to been able to teach and perform in the Traditional Egyptian and Arabian Dance as it has been performed in the last centuries, but not in the last decades, plus offers you the option of employment on your free time, then you should read the following lines:

Amora Shams has been teaching BellyDance over 25 years in different countries, between England, Spain, USA, and since the last 12 years in EGYPT. 

In the last 10 years since 2008, she has been teaching the program known as BBDC "Become a BellyDancer in 20 days Course" that originally was known as 60hBDC "60 hours BellyDance Course" but as gave so well results on the first students that studied with Amora, gradually she transformed into the name BBDC. 

Since 2011 the BBDC program got recognized internationally into the UNESCO Dance Department responsible of the international Certifications in the World, so since then Amora has been modificating the original program adapted into the International requirements.

After 10 years teaching the BBDC program, Amora has realized that the reason why she created this program wasn't at all to create standard bellydancers, but to create a new generation of Golden Age BellyDancers, which it's the main reason why she created the course for, but for many students it's too intensive (more than enough to learn to become a bellydancer in such a short time, even more dificult to become a Golden Age BellyDancer Style), and this is why from now, Amora Shams has decided to give the option to teach the BBDC in a 3 months program, giving students enough time to digest all what it is taught in the BBDC plus developed into a more relaxing program and achieving the Style of the Classical Egyptian Golden Age Dancers which many Egyptians will love to see, because it's a lost style that has died in Egypt since the last 25 years ago.

So from now on, Amora is offering a 3 months Work-Study Program, giving the option to get employed during your training because instead of 3 hours per day with the regular BBDC is 18 hours per week, becomes only the option of 6 hours per week, Amora teaching you the option to learn in a 1 full-day intensive 6 hours session per week, or 2 times a week a session of 3 hours each.

The rest of the time you can be just be on holidays traveling around Egypt by your own, or stay working on same area near Amora, to get some extra cash to help you to pay your food and accommodation. You must consider that the salaries in Egypt are not like in the rest of the world, so your salary will depend on the job conditions you choose during your stay.

Contact Amora Shams to check up which are the jobs offers at this moment, to see which it's your best option.

Study during 3 months Program the course that will change the world of BellyDance to a new Generation of Golden Age BellyDancers:

A) Study 1 hour per day during 6 days a week
B) Study 6 hours in just one intensive day once a week
C) Study 3 hours per day twice a week

Job offers for starting on May-June-July 2018 in Marsa Alam EGYPT:
* Tourist Animator at a 4* or 5* hotel (only for option B or C)
* Guest Relations at a restaurant
* Costumer Services at a hospital (English, German or Italian speakers)

All students who decide to work during the course, they get a legal documentation as workers in Egypt, starting by the 3 months contract. Possibility of spanding the contract if they decide to expand their stay in Egypt after the 3 months program.

Visit in GooglePlay the Golden BellyDancers Application created by Amora Shams to know what it's hte style of dance that you will learn during the course:

Visit the Golden BellyDancers App created by Amora Shams


Contact by email:

Visit Website:

Thursday, 12 April 2018

Become a BellyDancer in 1 month Course in EGYPT

at the Red Sea of Marsa Alam

*EGYPT 2018*

Learn all what a BellyDancer should know to become a successful teacher and performer. Study the BBDC, the most intensive BellyDance course with International Level Certification Program recognized by United Nations Dance Department.

Learn to dance like a Golden Age Egyptian BellyDancer of the mid XX Century.

Learn to Dance with the Veil, Capes, Wings, Cymbals, Cane, Sword and Candelabra in a Traditional Ritualistic Style (not nowadays styles).

Learn to Improvise, Choreography and to Teach the movements in a very technical way to pass to your students the proper bellydancing techniques, creating high quality future performers. 

Feedback by BBDC student about the Beginner Level
(learn to do all the BellyDance movements and to teach them properly)

Feedback by BBDC student about the Intermediate Level
(learn to improvise)

Learn to get bravos from the public and win on BellyDance Competitions, and get exceptional private or reduced group workshops with other famous teachers in other disciplines related to BellyDance:

El Guri famous Tanoura Dervish Dancer Hanny Attia

Live Percussion Workshop with darbukist Farouk Sarsa under the direction of Amora Shams
Live Percussion Workshop with darbukist Farouk Sarsa under the direction of Amora Shams

Egyptian Folklore Dance Workshop with Samir Husein famous dance teacher working with Mahmood Reda during 30 years.

Plus discover the Egyptian Culture living in Egypt while you learn the BBDC and basic Egyptian Arabic language from Amora Shams.

Other BBDC Feedbacks:

All information on the website: 

Contact by email on:

Sunday, 28 January 2018

BBDC "Become a BellyDancer Course" is a 1 month program taught by Amora Shams in Egypt

If you are searching for a BellyDancer instructor that will teach you all the theory and the physical side of BellyDance secrets,

from Absolute Beginners until Professional Performance Level, not only learning how to do the bellydance movements (BBDC Beginner Level) but also learning how to improvise (BBDC Intermediate Level), learning how to choreography (BBDC Advance Level) and learning how to get bravo's or win in bellydance competitions (BBDC Professional Level), 

plus teaching you how to use all BellyDance accessoires such as Candelabra, Sword, Cymbals, Veil & Double Veils, Wings and capes, Cane & Stick Saidi Dance, and over all of this also learning with a live darbukist, learning how to dance to any Arabian Song even if you never heared the song before, plus taxims and baladi's in a very professional way,

and learning not only the Oriental Arabian Traditional and Classical Egyptian Dance side of BellyDance, but also the Folkloric Dances of Tanoura Sufi Dervish Dance, Nubian Dance, Millenarium Pharaohnic Dance, Beduin Desert Dance, 

... Travelling around Egypt  ... 

and the best of all: Absolute Beginners are also Welcome to study this course, becuase it's taught from Zero until High Quality BellyDance Level,

then you should book the intensive 1 month course 
BBDC "Become a BellyDancer Course" by the creator Amora Shams.

She created this course on year 2008, 10 years ago, and in 2011 her course become internationally recognised by UNESCO Dance Department, since then Amora Shams provides not only her private school "Become a BellyDancer School" Level Certificates, but also the International BellyDance Level Certificates which are issued by United Nations Dance Department and are recognised in 155 Governments Worldwide.

Now Amora Shams it's teaching again in Egypt, as she only teaches to private students, because it's a very intensive course which needs full energy into the student, students need to book her months in advance, even so there are still some months left for 2018.

Contact by email for more information (created in 2005) (created in 2013) (created in 2010)

And since 2017 Amora Shams made all these websites become just one:, as she it's giving the option  of studying the BBDC per 1 week levels.






Contact by email for more information