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Become a Classical Egyptian Dancer in the Pyrinees of Spain on Summer 2017

During the summer of 2017 (July-August-September)

The Classical Egyptian Dance Professional Training Course BBDC lasts 25 days (a total of 150 hours including 60 teaching hours, practical and written daily homework, plus practical and written exams every 6 days).

Students who successfully pass all exams are given an International Certificate of Acquired Level, which is issued by United Nations Dance through the Become a BellyDancer School of Amora Shams.

For organize days of the course and specific place within the Pallars Sobirá de Lleida (SPAIN), the student must pay 50% in advance to reserve her participation, and 50% to start her participation into the course.

The reduced student fee is 1500 euros (between 2 and 5 students) and the fee for private student is 3000 euros.Amora Shams only accepts female students.

All information about the
BBDC course at:

Durante el verano del 2017 (Julio-Agosto-Septiembre)
se va a impartir el Curso de Formación Profesional de Danza Clásica Egipcia que dura 25 días (un total de 150 horas entre ellas 60 horas lectivas, deberes prácticos y escritos diarios, más exámenes prácticos y escritos cada 6 días).
Aquellas alumnas que pasen exitosamente todos los exámenes, se les entrega un Certificado de Internacional del Nivel adquirido, que se emite por Naciones Unidas de la Danza a través de la Escuela Become a BellyDancer School de Amora Shams.
Para. organizar días del curso y lugar concreto dentro del Pallars Sobirá de Lleida, hay que abonar el 50% por adelantado para reservar su participación, y el 50% para empezar el curso.
El precio de alumna de grupo reducido es de 1500 euros (entre 2 y 5 alumnas) y el precio de alumna privada es de 3000 euros.
Toda la información del curso BBDC en:


Sunday, 9 April 2017

INDIA: Become a BellyDancer in 1 Month Course

Amora Shams will come to INDIA to teach the course she created to bring to nowadays the forgotten
Classical Egyptian Dance Style
with the Intensive Course
BBDC "Become a BellyDancer in 25 Days Course"
September or October 2017
first booking student, will choose the date and the place where the course will take place.
Join the most Intensive Dance Course in the World
- only for females - 

  • First 6 days of the course: students learn the basics of the history, the dancers, the philosophy behind the movements, and develop from the most basic movements until the most professional advanced level movements, cleanning the technique for those who came with some knowledge from other teachers of schools.
  • Next 6 days each student will learn to improvise according to tradition as if they where authentic Arabian women dancing since childhood from their inside, learning to dance to Taxims, Balady, Solo Tablas, using the veils and cymbals as if they were part of them selfs, and dancing the Sufi veil style
  • Next 6 days each student will learn to dance to any Arabian professional song, and create their own choreographies, plus use the capes, wings, dance with the cane Saidi
  • And the last 6 days of the course, all students will learn to dance the rythualistic dances of the Shamadan Candelabra and Sword, plus know how to present yourself towards public.  
At the end of the Course, students will perform on the Show Test, but if by majority is a problem to perform in front of men, as in India is a conservative Culture, all students will perform in front of women public, in a women event that will be organised specially for the students, so the public can fairly vote who achieved the preofessional level of the course, and who didn't.

 Fees per student:
1500 euros per student 
  Limited from 5 to 15 students per Group.

Book your Spot at the Group by paying now 50% in advance:

क्या आप अमोरा शम्स को भारत में पढ़ाने के लिए चाहते हैं

बीबीडीसी "1 महीने कोर्स में बेलीडैसर बनें"?

अगर हाँ,

अब उसे ईमेल से संपर्क करने का क्षण है,

उसे बताओ कि आप किस सिटी को उसे सिखाना चाहते हैं:

पहली बुकिंग स्थान का चयन करेंगे


समूह छात्र: प्रति छात्र 1500 यूरो (न्यूनतम 5 छात्र)

पहले से ही बनाए गए न्यूनतम 10 छात्रों के समूह केवल प्रति छात्र 750 यूरो का भुगतान करेंगे।

Saturday, 8 April 2017

Become a BellyDancer Course: the Most Intensive Dance Trainning

At this moment i am only offering an intensive 1 month BellyDance course known as BBDC, that can also be taught the same program in 12 Super Intensive Days.
The difference between both are:
* The 1 month Program is taught 3 hours per day during 20 days, plus extra 4 days for exams. Has written and practical homework and exams with International BellyDance Certification.
* The 12 days Program is taught 5 hours per day. Doesn't have any exams, only time for learning as workshops, getting better results as a private student. And non international certificate is provided.
This course has changed the life of those students who has study it, specially for those who were successful on their daily homework and therefore exams. And you can search about this, all information is out there online.
The BBDC "Become a BellyDancer Course" Fees with Accomodation taught either in EGYPT or in SPAIN are:
* As a private student: 3000 euros
* As a group student: 1500 euros per student.
Please Note: if you want Course without accomodation is 500 euros less for private students or 300 euros less for students inside a group.
When i travel out of this two countries to teach the course, the fee is 5000 euros, either for a private student or for a group of students.
The dates and place is previously stated by student who books me and my free availability to teach it to her, before booking proceeds on the Student Registration Form which will be the contract between her and me and will be send to her once it is confirmed by her that she is ready to book on dates and place stablished.
Right now i am in Hurghada EGYPT, so if someone books me in the next 3 days to teach her here in the remaining month of April 2017, i will stay here until I end her intensive training. I was planing to travel abroad, but if i get booked i will stay.
To book dates and place, it is necessary to pay 50% in advace by bank transfer and the remaining fee by cash or by bank transfer, to start the course. All payments done to me are non refundable,  if she changes her mind it's her problem. My course is like a flight, once you are in, you have to go on, you can not ask the pilot to go back to your departure airport and return to you the money because you are scared of the high speed or the higth.
If you need more information you can ask me by email:
Warm Regards, Amora Shams
Listen to the conversation of my last BBDC private student about this course while she was learnning from me on the last month of March 2017:

Saturday, 1 April 2017

BBDC'17 feedback by Private Student from Sweden with Voice Feedback by the student

Amora Shams is still in EGYPT, if you want to learn from her in EGYPT
during the month of April 2017 contact her by  

BBDC'2017 eddition Student feedback (swedish):
BBDC upplevelsen tillsammans med Amora är något jag aldrig kommer glömma. Amora är en fantastisk dansare och lärare som vet precis hur hon ska nå dansaren inom oss alla. Hon är så otroligt engagerad och entusiastisk inför varje lektion och smittar en med sin danspassion. I denna kurs täcker hon allt och lite till som gäller för att bli en magdansare, men man lär sig så mycket mer än bara dans. Vill du lära dig magdansa är Amora och BBDC kursen det bästa valet. Hon tar sin uppgift på allvar och hon bryr sig jättemycket om att hennes elever ska nå sina mål och sprida sin magi ut i världen. Hon ser sina elever som små frön, som hon planterar, vårdar, matar och skyddar och när man växt sig stor och stark och kommit upp till ytan är man redo att sträcka sig mot ljuset. Amora öppnade upp många låsta dörrar i mitt huvud och förklarar dansens stora betydelse och mening. Hon lär dig KORREKT teknik, dansens otroliga historia och lockar fram dig i din dans. Hennes sätt att lära ut är 100% baserat på hennes elev, hon skräddarsyr kursen efter dig, dina behov och önskningar. Hon är otroligt snäll, generös, förstående men framför allt ROLIG. Den här resan har för mig varit över alla förväntningar och jag har aldrig varit så säker på vart jag ska i livet förens nu. Bästa Amora TACK.

"BBDC experience along with Amora is something I will never forget. Amora is a great dancer and teacher who knows exactly how she will reach the dancer in all of us. She is so incredibly dedicated and enthusiastic about every class, infecting one with her dance passion. This course covers her everything and more that apply to become a belly dancers, but you learn so much more than just dancing. Want to learn magdansa is Amora and BBDC course the best choice. She takes her job seriously and she cares very much about her students to reach their goals and spread their magic into the world. She sees her students as small seeds, which she planted, nurture, feed and protect and when grown big and strong and come up to the surface, ready to extend to the light. Amora opened up many doors locked in my head, and explains the dance importance and meaning. She will teach you proper technique, dance incredible history and brings out in your dancing. Her way of teaching is 100% based on her students, she will tailor the course for you, your needs and desires. She is incredibly kind, generous, understanding and above all FUN. This trip has been for me above all expectations and I have never been sure where I'm going in life, the bow now. Best Amora THANKS."  

The same Private Student having a conversation with Amora about her way of teaching the BBDC:

Part 1-5:


Part 2-5:


Part 3-5:

Part 4-5:

 Part 5-5:


Amora Shams is still in EGYPT,
if you want to learn from her in EGYPT
during the month of April 2017
Contact her by: 

Wednesday, 29 March 2017

Diferences between Group Students and Private Students studying the BBDC

When you are booking this BellyDance Course you must know that you don't have the same rights when booking as a Private Student than as a Group Student:

Private Students rights and obligations
  • You will be learning in a One-to-One trainning alone with Amora Shams, so all the attention will be over you
  • You can chose if you want or not your Show Test Video Performance and photos, to be published Online, to become or not a part of the future Marketing of this Course.
  • If during the course, you decide not to go forward following the structure of the course,  then you can decide to change it into something else, such as into creating choreographies, stretching for becoming flexible or Acrobatic Dancer, or focus into another fields inside this dance form as a Sufi Dervish Dancer, Folklore Dancer, etc.
  • To get the Certifcation, you decide in how long period of time you want to complete the BBDC, either in 12 days Program (5 hours per day plus exams) or in 25 days Program (3 hours per day included exams).

Group Students rights and obligations
  • You will be learning in a Group trainning with other collegues, so you will share the attention with your classmates, and as more are in the group, less chances of quicker development
  • The Show Test Video Performance will be published Online on the Internet, becoming part of the marketing of this course, as a prove that the BBDC "Become a BellyDancer Course" works and is giving the results that are published. You will not have any copyrights over this material, as all how you performed was according to what you learned during the course.
  • When you are inside a course, you must follow the Course Structure until the last day
  • As a Group Student if you take the 12 days Program (6 hours per day) you will not get any Certification, so to get the Certfication you must study the BBDC in two months Program, which means what you saved on the Course fees by booking as a group student, you will spend it in the food and accomodation fees.
  • As a Group Student joinning a Group Course, if the Group is not organised, you will only get the proportion of the Course fees you paid for, which is a minimum of the 3rd part of the course, so as the BBDC is a 60 hours taught program, you will only be paying for 20 Private Hours, that if this happens to you, you can chose if you want to study them in less time, keep the original progammed dates, or decide to join the Group Course in a future edittion.
  • To get Certified as a Group Student of the BBDC in 25 days  Program you must organise your own group, and book the course as a Group of minimum 3 students (not as a private student joinning a Group Course).

Saturday, 11 February 2017

EGYPT Super Intensive 12 days BellyDance Course

Study the Most Intensive BellyDance Course:
 BBDC in 12 Days Super Intensive
"Become a BellyDancer Course"
in Hurghada, EGYPT

What will you learn in the BBDC?
  classes 5 hours per day
* to do all BellyDance movements
* to improvise as a Classical Egyptian dancer
* to create your own Choreographies from any Arabian song
* to teach BellyDance to any woman
* to dance facing public as a professional dancer
* tricks of the trade such as make-up, sewing, marketing, costumes, ...
* folkloric dances such as Saidi and Alexandrian melaya dance
* to dance baladi and taxims with tharab
* rithual dances such as shamadan candelabra and sword
* to dance with cymbals
* to dance with veils, wings and capes
* learn basic Egyptian Arabic to communicate with musicians and other dancers
 All of these in just 2 weeks!

Taught by  Amora Shams  whom is 

an Expert in Classical Egyptian Dance &

Ancient Pharaohnic Dancing Techniques

teaching internationally since 1993

And an Equity Member of the Professional Association of Dancers since 1998 & 
Equity Member of the United Nations of Dance since 2011.

What do you need to study this course?
  * book dates and place with Amora Shams to study this course either as a group student or a private student
* a laptop and an external memory min. 60Gb
* get an Egyptian Phone SIM card on a unlocked phone 
* daily willing to learn
* daily discilpline doing your homework
* respect Amora that is who will share her tools to become a successful teacher and performer

* do your daily written and practical homework only if you want to get international certifications to pass all your written and practical exams

Where will you live during the course?
  * according to the number of students, when booking the accomodation with Amora Shams, she will locate you either in a shared flat with other BBDC female students or with your own appartment in a compound or in a hotel during the course takes place in Hurghada. All of them with pools and if possible with a beach access.

Which other activities we will do during the course?
 * Watch live BellyDance and Folklore shows as an average extra fee of 200 EGP per show (today 11th Feb 2017 is at the exchange rate of only 10€). 
* visiting BellyDance costume shops guided by Amora to get discounted fees for her students (as she never gets commissions from shop owners, so her students get the lowest fees to buy professional dance costumes, and instead of buying just one dress you can get 2 or 3 for the price of just 1 dress)
* snorkling watching beautiful corals and colourful fishes as if you were in an acuarium with crystal waters

Optional activities:
 * due to the stretching of the muscles, students normally need a massage to chill out, some hotels offer 30min. professional massage for only 10€
 * horse or camel ridding on the beach or the desert
* At the end of the course, all students will have 2 days to prepare the show test, as an option students can stay in Hurghada chilling out on the beach (without any extra fees), or travel to Luxor to visit the Ancient Pharaohnic Arts of Egypt. To join this trip, will be an extra fee that will vary according to the number of students who want to do this visit. 

When will take place this intensive course?
 When students book the course, they arrenge the dates and book Amora's agenda, either as a group student or a private student. 

Check dates and place by email.

Booking procedure: 
1- Register asking for dates & place available and how many students come from your side (each student must register providing ID/passport identification and filling up the Student Registration Form). Amora Shams only accepts female students.
2- Book by payment of the 50% in advance by bank transfer
3- Get booking confirmation by signed and stumped by Amora Shams, so you can proceed to buy your flights and arrenge your free working days with your work, or arrenge your tourist visa to travel
4- Amora comes to pick you up from the airport and take you to your accomodation
5- Pay the reminning 50% fee to start the course.


Monday, 26 December 2016

Why is unique the BBDC "Become a BellyDancer Course"?

The BBDC "Become a BellyDancer Course" is a course I designed for Private Students to create BellyDancers starting from any level until professional level in record time, this course I developed after many years of teaching very technically and specifically to my private students giving them my secrets as a successful bellydancer while I was a performer, and also to my group students to create in them a dependence in not missing any of my weekly classes, so they could learn step by step and develop into a high quality performance at the end of the year.

This is why this course is so unique, because I created after 15 years teaching experience in a very unique way. Has arrived to my ears that somewhere in Turkey they have try to copy my course structure as is published online, but of course their students will never get the same results as those who study from me, because my way of teaching is very technically and emotionally envolved.

When I have a BBDC private student, I give all my love and energy to make her develop quickly, instead in a standard BellyDance School, they do not want the students to learn quickly, at the contrary, they want them to learn very slowly.

During the 1st week of the BBDC (Beginner Level) you will learn movements which you have never used before, movements which teachers normally teach to their students when they have been learnning from them more than 7 years.

During the 1st week you will learn all the movments a BellyDancer needs to perform. This is why the BBDC is unique, because in just the 1st week, you learn all what you will learn during 10 years with a standard BellyDance School.

The rest of the BBDC levels, are focus in developing from the students the other side to become a professional BellyDancers while they get use to the digestion of the movements they learned during the 1st week.

Prof. Amora Shams

Sunday, 11 December 2016

Group Students BBDC in just 7 weeks

Study the BBDC "Become a BellyDancer Course" in a group of students with easy payments and in a good speed, in just 7 weeks!

Info about the course:

Dates for 2017 in Spain:
  •  9th January - 25th February

  • 3rd April - 20th May

  • 10th July - 26th August

  • 2nd October - 18th November

The fees are according to how late you book your spot:

  • Booking more than 9 months before is 900 euros: 

300 euros to book your spot plus 300 euros to join the second month.

  • Booking between 9 to 3 months before 1.200 euros: 

400 euros to book your spot plus 400 euros to join the second month.

  • Booking after 3 months before 1.500 euros: 

500 euros to book your spot plus 500 euros to join the second month.

Get a discounted fee of the 10% by paying full payment all at once, in just one payment.

Monday, 17 October 2016

Successful BBDC students: Zara 2011 edition

Scientific and owner of a bellyDance online Shop Zara Egyptian living in London, after she ended the course she won two years consecutively the 1st prize UK Competition as best BellyDancer of UK, becomming a very succesful and super powerfull bellydancer in London, creating her own events, and nowadays is a full time bellydancer and teacher travelling all around the World.



Zazeen  (Zara & Azin duo performances)

The same video but seen from the front is on Facebook:

This is a workshop that forms part of the BBDC when is taught in Egypt
The teacher is Hanny and is the main dancer at the El Guri Temple in Khan el Khalili

In this video you can watch Azin and Zara both improvising a perfomance on a video-clip of famous Kenyian singer and an Indian singer, fussionning Bellydance with Bollywood and African dances. This video has become viral! ... Enjoy! it's fun!