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Travel EGYPT while you learn a Dance Career that may change your life forever

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Course Fees with Accomodation:
700 euros per level 
2000 euros for complete course

Only Course Fees :
500 euros per level 
1500 euros for complete course

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Friday, 27 October 2017

Amora Shams started the fashion in Europe to perform as a BellyDancer doing the Arch and the Belly *Pharaohnic Movements*

Watch videos of Golden Age Egyptian BellyDancers in Black and White movies such as: Katy Fotsaty, Nemat Mokhtar, etc. a part of the drawings on the walls of Pharaohnic Temples in Egypt, it is proven that it's not an invention, it's History.
When I was dancing in weddings in Egypt, I have been told by Egyptians, that I am like the Old Fashion of Egyptian Dancers of Luxor.

When I was daincing in Paris (FRANCE) on 1998, I was told by the owners of the Arabian Restaurants where I was performing that I was an authentic BellyDancer because I was doing Pharaohnic Movements "the Belly and the Arch"  (noneone was doing it in all Europe), since I left Paris, the owners of the places where I performed started to ask to other dancers to do the Arch to perform in their restaurants, few years later I had a student in Seville (SPAIN) that she came from Paris and told me that she was a teacher there, and was a fashion in Paris that if you do not know how to do the arch, you can't perform in a high class restaurant (the kind of places where I was performing), and she said that many BellyDancers were getting injured because of this.

So yes, I did started the fashion (I didn't invent it), I was using the arch on my performances since 1995.

On late 1990's was not as easy to get black & white videos like nowadays (free and easy to find online), on those times you had to travel to countries like Egypt, searching days for a good quality video of bellydancers (one of the problems that you have in Egypt is that one, to get good quality videos or music of BellyDancers, instead on the internet it's very easy nowadays). This means that in those moments, was not comun for BellyDancers to know that the Arch and the Belly were original movements from Ancient Egypt and Black and White movies, unless you travel to Egypt and see with your own eyes in Luxor or searching many discographies and places to find VHS videos of bellydancers. This is why wasn't that comun to do those kind of movements.

Best of all, Amora Shams

Friday, 20 October 2017

Responding to Stephanie Ann

On her comment on the post

"When an Egyptian bellydance teacher asking to BUY a BellyDance Certificate"

Dear Stephanie Ann,

If you read the complete conversation you will see that NO, she does not want to be a bellydancer with license to perform inside Egypt, what she wants is a certification from me to open a Dance School out of Egypt.

My certifications are internationally recognised due that the quality I provide in the BBDC "Become a BellyDancer Course", is high and also those who pass all exams become successful bellydancers, teachers and choreographers, winning in international BellyDance Competitions (as far as I know 5 prizes from only 3 students), becoming teacher at BellyDance Festivals, creating BellyDance Magazines, Online BellyDance Shops, artists BellyDance paintings, dancing in films, video-clips, weddings, and events, using my teachings to help other women through psicology to women who has suffered from abuses as this dance makes you grow up your self-confidence, other students use this course to just be teachers and communicate to their students how should be done properly all the BellyDance movements as nowadays are degenerated by most teachers and new fashions creating the wrong development on their soul and body reacions, some even become famous world travellers, or presenter at a TV dance program, some students use it as a way to express their own vision of the relationship between BellyDance and Yoga and Spirituality to teach it to others, each student takes the knowledge of this course in their own direction, each one becoming absolutely different from each other.

This is why my certificates have a value, and I do not sell them to anyone, because the certifcations are the prove that they studied from me, and also that they have achieved the level I consider necessary to be a teacher or a performer.

And the professional level is not chosen by me, is chosen by the public on the Show Test evaluation at the end of the 25 days course.

I do not know any teacher that achieves the results I achieve with my students, in such a short time, and the prove that this is possible, that I can create dancers starting from absolute beginner arrive to performnace level in such a short time, it's proven by my BBDC students.

Of course, not all BBDC students study this course to become dancers, most of them just do it for themselfs, many whom has study this course are from Arab countries (Egypt, Iran, Irak, Yemen, Morocco, etc.) and other students from India and also from USA, whom do not like to expose their work, all they want it's to keep it secret, so those will never perform publicly.

Warm Regards
Amora Shams

Thursday, 19 October 2017

When an Egyptian bellydance teacher asking to BUY a BellyDance Certificate

Is not the first time someone ask Amora Shams to sell her certificates, read the post to find out more:

- We have deleted the name of the enquired and leave it just as "Egyptian woman" -

From: (Egyptian woman)

Dear sir, I would link to know if you give belly dancing certificate ? 
 And when will be the next competitions? Thx & BR.  
(Egyptian woman)


To: (Egyptian woman)

Dear (Egyptian woman),

Yes, i provide with international bellydance certification when passing written and practical exams from the course BBDC.

Next courses will take place in EGYPT:

* Red Group: 1st-24th December 2017

* Green Group: 27th December until 21st January 2018

There is the option of travelling around Egypt while teaching the course. Staying at one city per 6 days level: Hurghada, Marsa Alam, Luxor & Cairo. This will depend on the teacher and students will to do it or just stay at one spot.

Fees per student (included classes, accomodation and transporation around Egypt):

  * Booking complete 4 level BBDC 25 days course: 2000 euros

* Booking per 6 days Level:
           - Beginner Level (learn to do all movements and to teach them all to your future students): 650 euros
        - Intermediate Level (learn to imporvise to taxims, baladi, solo tabla and use of Cymbals & Veils): 750 euros
           - Advance Level (learn to Choreography, Golf Dance, dance with wings, capes, and cane the Saidi Folkloric Dance): 850 euros
        - Professional Level (learn to get Bravo's and Win in BellyDance Competitions, Sufi Dervish Dance, plus the rithual Dances of the Candelabra & Turkish Sword) : 1000 euros

All info on the new website:

Warm Regards, 
Amora Shams


From: (the Egyptian woman)

Dear Amora, 
I don't need the course, I just need to have the certificate.
(Egyptian woman)

To: (Egyptian woman)

Dear (Egyptian woman),

My Certificates are not for sale, you are not the first one who ask me for this, I only provide with my certifications to the students who passes all their written and practical exams, even if you pay the fee to study the course, if you do not study it, I will not give you a certificate. You will have to work hard to get the certificate. Only those students who work hard during the course, achieve the Certification. Those who study from me, win prizes and become famous dancers and teachers.

I do not teach cheap bellydance, I teach quality Classical Egyptian Dance, tradition, history, styles, makeup, costumes, tricks of the trade, how to be a good teacher, etc. plus all the accesoires of the dancer to perform in a classy way with veils, capes, wings, shamadan-candelabra, seif - sword, and of course Cane dance Saidi, plus Baladi, Taxims, Solo Tabla, and all what a BellyDancer should know to be successful.

I teach BellyDance to clean up the bad reputation that BellyDancers have in the World, that it's due mostly  the lack of information that nowadays have the audience where BellyDancers perform (included in western countries), I don't teach this course to make money. I was more rich when i was focus into just performing as a BellyDancer than teaching this course. If you need any more information, please ask.

Warm Regards, 
Amora Shams


From: (Egyptian woman)
Dear Amora 
I appreciate your words as you know we are Egyptians and we dance since we where kids and I am already teachings belly dancing in many GYMs but the only reason to have this certificate is to have my own belly dancing school abroed, this is why I'm asking.
I appreciate your effort and quick reply, and I want to know the place to attend the course and the timing, as I made up my mind and I will have this course. 

Thx in advance and I hope to hear from you soon.  

Best regards. 
(Egyptian woman)

Sunday, 8 October 2017

Discover Egypt as a BBDC private student

Hello, this is Amora Shams
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