Thursday, 17 January 2019

Why a bellydancer should charge expensive fees?

A professional bellydancer should get adapted to any type of venue and create a good mood to everyone, no matter how many people or who is around, but of course, you need the people to respect you, by not invading your dancing space or trying to touch you or come too close to you or throwing something over you or picking your tools and playing with them as if they were toys. 

If they respect you, then is ok, if not then not ok. 

This is why I am against dancing for free, because this is a profession and when they pay you a lot they respect, and when you are cheap to the audience, then they don´t respect you.

All dancers took many years practicing to become professionals, even if i teach to become professional in just one month, all my students after the course they have all the knowledge to start their dance career, and they will need few months to get stablished digesting all what they learned during the course. They will have the tools to become a successful performer, tyeacher or choreographer.  

Any dancer should charge the minimum value of what they spend to learn, in my case I was 10 years stidying Classical Ballet at the Professionally Conservatory of Dance plus 4 years before the conservatory, plus 5 years studying Contemporary Dance, then it's when I studied BellyDance. I didn't born been a BellyDancer, I had to learn it spending a lot of hours of my time to achieve my level. I havd to do many sacrifices to be whom I become.

 To become a BA Architect, takes 3 years and gets paid 4000 euros per month, a Dancer, no matter their dance type, to achieve the performing level creating a good atmosphere in a Birthday or Wedding should get at least 1000 euros because we do not work in a weddings every single month. And an Architect will be working until he is 80 if he wants, but a dancer no, specially because the market of a dancer it's focus nowadays into the body and not into the soul of the dancer.

So during the time that a bellydancer it's a performer should charge expensive fees, speciallyfor events like weddings or birthdays as they do in Egypt. A dancer like Dina makes 10.000 euros per show.

Amora Shams