As for some people do not belive that the BBDC is possible,
students of Amora or people who wants to study with her,
makes her own investigations to find out if actually
Prof. Amora Shams says who she is,
all the dancing experience she has and also
that is true that her hard working students
 (not the lazy ones)

they actually achieve the Professional Level in just 20 days after arriving to the Course as Absolute Beginners!

Of course, not all the dance teachers teach in the same way,
and Professor Amora Shams is one of the few teachers in the World
which will make you become a stage dancer straight after the course.

Here you can read an email the a famous dancer and teacher known in Egypt, wrote to an Amora's student (click on the image to enlarge to read it)

Here is the feedback from the public of the Show Test who saw the professional stage performance made by Beata who came to write in the
Show Test Certificate their impressions:

Transcription of the impressions that public got after Beata's
1st BellyDance performance on the BBDC Show Test:

"It's wonderfull to see her dance
She's really nice and powerfull, so she's a profesional dancer.
Her movements are so flexible and beauty. Nice!"

"Impressive to know this was your first show!
loved to watch your movements! go for it!."

"Beata and Zainab were awsome. They had the crowd going!
The bellydancing was sooo sooo good.
My dad Ted "Tadeusz" was amazed by the dancers.
He wanted more performances like this!
Loved it!"

Beata was a beginner when she came to the BBDC "Become a BellyDancer in 20 days Course", 21 days after she performed on stage, and this was the reaction of the public to her performance.
People had to vote if the show that they saw was made by professional dancers or by students who needed more time to achieve to Professional Level.
And all the public voted Professional Level to both BBDC students.
The video can not be shown publicly due to the will of the other dancer, due that both created their own choreographies dancing together, and one of them asked by written not to shown publicly either her videos or photos, otherwise Amora will have upload them to show the resoults of the course.
From absolute beginners to professionals in just 20 days Course!

Amora has been recognised several times in her dance career as one of the best BellyDancers where she has been performing, lets expose some:

-> Best BellyDancer of Morocco in 1997 at BellyDance competition at the Sheraton 5* Hotel in Casablanca (Morocco). Public chosed Amora as best BellyDancer in Morocco.

-> Chosen in March 1998 from all BellyDancers of Spain after a national audition to participate in a dance & drama theater play based in Al Andalus times produced in a real Royal Palace of Seville (Spain)
-> Best BellyDancer of Paris on summer 1998 :
* owner of 3 high class  "Fakr El Dine" Lebaneese restaurants with live musicians in Paris (France) said "you dance like the dancers of Golden Age Egyptian films, you are the best in France!"

-> Best BellyDancer of London (UK) between 2001 - 2005 said by different restaurant owners:

* Owner of the Apollonia Greek Restaurant, after watching her for first time, he was for about 10 minutes shaking the hands of Amora while he was telling her "I have seen thousands of BellyDancers all my life, and never saw anyone like you, you are the best BellyDancer I ever saw in my life!"
* Owner of Safir Moroccan restaurant said "after 3 years since I openned my restaurant, you have been so far the best bellydancer I had performing at my place". Amora was their first bellydancer from oppening date until few months later.
* Owner of the Efes II Turkish restaurant said "you are the most traditional BellyDancer I have had, you dance like old style dancers, you are the best in London"

-> Best foreigner BellyDancer in Egypt 2008-9 by:
* Artist director of the Sheraton 5* Hotel in Sharm el Sheikh, his words were "from the 200 bellydancers that are dancing in Sharm, you are the best"
* Artist director of the Sheraton 5* Hotel in Aleandria, his words were "you are the best foreigner bellydancer I have ever seen in Egypt!"

-> Best BellyDancer in Spain said by a moroccan female singer on one of the 3 arabian night clubs with live musicians that Amora Shams was performing in Barcelona area on 2010. Amora answered her back "how come you tell me that? there are thausands of BellyDancers in Spain" and she said back "all of them just dance from CD's and choreographies, you don't accept CD's when there are live musicians and you dance by improvisation making a coordinated, traditional and complete show" 

So far, Amora has been always seen by experts in Bellydance, as a one of the best BellyDancers on stage while she was performing.

Nowadays the world is following another type of BellyDance styles, which she does not like, and that's why she is unique, she keeps performing and teaching the Traditional style of BellyDance, specialist in Ancient Egyptian Techniques & Egyptian Golden Age BellyDance style.

Amora is now contacting all the people she has worked with in the past 23 years, to prove to those who put in doupt her words, experience, and the resoults that her students achieving after ending the BBDC. Soon will be publish all these recognitions letters in this page.

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