Saturday, 4 June 2016

Amora Shams is not the best bellydancer in the World but ...

She is not the best Bellydancer in the World nowadays, just because she has temporally stop dancing but soon she may will go back to the stage, and probably she is not the best bellydance teacher in the world, but what Amora achieves from her private and course students, non other bellydance teacher worldwide achieve these resoults in such a short time.

Sometimes she gets orders from possible students who want to learn from her in Egypt, they think that Amora is Egyptian, some of them even ask: "Are you Egyptian?"

Let me tell you something, to be an Egyptian does not make you the best teacher in the world, at the contrary. Normally, in general, the Egyptian teachers do not teach bellydance like foreingers do.

In Egypt, foreinger teachers have more value than Egyptian teachers for majority of Egyptians.

If Amora had to choose someone that lives in Egypt for suggesting to new students as an aceptable teacher and good performer, most of them are foreigners, lets name some:

All of them teach in Cairo except Mona who lives in Hurghada.

On the photo, Amora on her first visit to Egypt on December 2006, after already been involved in BellyDance since 1983 that is when her mom become a BellyDancer in Egypt and then she went back to Spain becomming the 1st Spanish BellyDancer in Spain.

If you want to learn in a quick way or have a review on all your knowledge, Amora offers her course BBDC which is a 20 days Course. Here you will listen to Amora explanning what the course has to offer to everyone who study it:

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