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EGYPT Super Intensive 12 days BellyDance Course

Study the Most Intensive BellyDance Course:
 BBDC in 12 Days Super Intensive
"Become a BellyDancer Course"
in Hurghada, EGYPT

What will you learn in the BBDC?
  classes 5 hours per day
* to do all BellyDance movements
* to improvise as a Classical Egyptian dancer
* to create your own Choreographies from any Arabian song
* to teach BellyDance to any woman
* to dance facing public as a professional dancer
* tricks of the trade such as make-up, sewing, marketing, costumes, ...
* folkloric dances such as Saidi and Alexandrian melaya dance
* to dance baladi and taxims with tharab
* rithual dances such as shamadan candelabra and sword
* to dance with cymbals
* to dance with veils, wings and capes
* learn basic Egyptian Arabic to communicate with musicians and other dancers
 All of these in just 2 weeks!

Taught by  Amora Shams  whom is 

an Expert in Classical Egyptian Dance &

Ancient Pharaohnic Dancing Techniques

teaching internationally since 1993

And an Equity Member of the Professional Association of Dancers since 1998 & 
Equity Member of the United Nations of Dance since 2011.

What do you need to study this course?
  * book dates and place with Amora Shams to study this course either as a group student or a private student
* a laptop and an external memory min. 60Gb
* get an Egyptian Phone SIM card on a unlocked phone 
* daily willing to learn
* daily discilpline doing your homework
* respect Amora that is who will share her tools to become a successful teacher and performer

* do your daily written and practical homework only if you want to get international certifications to pass all your written and practical exams

Where will you live during the course?
  * according to the number of students, when booking the accomodation with Amora Shams, she will locate you either in a shared flat with other BBDC female students or with your own appartment in a compound or in a hotel during the course takes place in Hurghada. All of them with pools and if possible with a beach access.

Which other activities we will do during the course?
 * Watch live BellyDance and Folklore shows as an average extra fee of 200 EGP per show (today 11th Feb 2017 is at the exchange rate of only 10€). 
* visiting BellyDance costume shops guided by Amora to get discounted fees for her students (as she never gets commissions from shop owners, so her students get the lowest fees to buy professional dance costumes, and instead of buying just one dress you can get 2 or 3 for the price of just 1 dress)
* snorkling watching beautiful corals and colourful fishes as if you were in an acuarium with crystal waters

Optional activities:
 * due to the stretching of the muscles, students normally need a massage to chill out, some hotels offer 30min. professional massage for only 10€
 * horse or camel ridding on the beach or the desert
* At the end of the course, all students will have 2 days to prepare the show test, as an option students can stay in Hurghada chilling out on the beach (without any extra fees), or travel to Luxor to visit the Ancient Pharaohnic Arts of Egypt. To join this trip, will be an extra fee that will vary according to the number of students who want to do this visit. 

When will take place this intensive course?
 When students book the course, they arrenge the dates and book Amora's agenda, either as a group student or a private student. 

Check dates and place by email.

Booking procedure: 
1- Register asking for dates & place available and how many students come from your side (each student must register providing ID/passport identification and filling up the Student Registration Form). Amora Shams only accepts female students.
2- Book by payment of the 50% in advance by bank transfer
3- Get booking confirmation by signed and stumped by Amora Shams, so you can proceed to buy your flights and arrenge your free working days with your work, or arrenge your tourist visa to travel
4- Amora comes to pick you up from the airport and take you to your accomodation
5- Pay the reminning 50% fee to start the course.


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