Tuesday, 7 January 2014

My startings

Hi everyone!

I just created this Blog to write my thoughts and share them with the world.

My name it's Amora Shams, I have been BellyDancing since childhood and been teaching since over 20 years now.

On my childhood, I was daily training my body in Gymnastics and Classical Ballet as a base, because my family didn't want me to be a BellyDancer due that in the 80's in Spain this form of dance was seen as a sexy and erotical dance, so that's why I had to do the dance career at the Professional Conservatory of Dance 5 hours every day during 10 years of my life.

Then when my mother saw me ready and old enough, 17 years old, it's when she decided to allow me to study from her this amazing form of Art, but she told me: "you have to be the best, otherwise I will not allow you to dance publicly!", so I had to learn in the hard way, 24h a day with a sargent next to me, correcting me every single deffect, not only dancing but also eatting, walking, talking, etc.

Soon I started to dance next to her and also assist her in her classes. That's how I started my dance carrear. Not like most of foreigner bellydancers, I started from home, feeding from the arabian culture, between musicians and other dancers, and specially with a very strict teacher, my mother Alia Shams. The rest of the story you can read in on "Amora Bio".

This starting gave me a way of teaching that noneone else can copy, on the internet everyone can copy your ideas, but never your teaching techniques, specially when you have been doing them and developping them until the point that in only 20 days I create bellydance performers.

Thanks for visit my Blogs :)

Amora Shams