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This international dancer amazes the audiences with her deeply traditional Egyptian Belly Dance techniques, and with her extraordinary creativity. Specialists in Belly Dancing, confirm that she is one of the few dancers that still interpret music only using the muscles of her belly without moving hips or thorax, as in the ancient Egyptian days. Amora has a video dancing to this ancient dance called by Amora "Dance of the Belly" due that nowadays many has use the word Belly Dance to refer to dancing with the hips instead of dancing with the belly.

Nowadays Amora has more than 3 million viewers on YouTube

Experienced choreographer mixing Arab Dance, Contemporary, Classic Ballet and Latin moves like Salsa, Samba and Flamenco. Her career has included ten years of classical ballet full-time student at the Professional Conservatory of Dance (Madrid and Seville. Spain) with complementary subjects as contemporary dance, gymnastics and music solfeo.

Amora's mother was the 1st professional Egyptian Oriental dancer in Spain, therefore Amora grow up surrounded by the Pioneers Professional Oriental Arabic Dancers and Musicians of Spain. In year 1993 Amora started to join her mother Sahar Samara Alia Shams) belly dance classes, who also brought back to Spain the forgotten Al-Andalus culture  from Morocco and Egypt on the early 1980’s. 


The first venue where Amora danced was in the Egyptian restaurant Jan el Jalili, in Sevilla, Spain (1993) when she was just 17 years old. Since then she has been mainly dancing in Casablanca, Paris, London & all around Spain. 1993-1995 - Dance assistant of Alia Shams, at Studios Posición Cero and at a Flamenco dance studio in Nervión both in Seville, Spain. While dancing in Suarets all around Spain next to Alia Shams. 

1993-1994 - Jan el Jalili (Sevilla - Spain)& the Egyptian restuarant Los Faraones ("The Pharaoh", Arcos de la Frontera, Cadiz - Spain).

1994/95/96 - Jaima de Caños de Meca (Cádiz - Spain) with live music and Los Faraones Egyptian restaurant.

In 1996 Amora started to use the arch as it is in the Antique 7,000 year old pharaoh drawings of Egyptian dancers described on the temples.
From 1995 to 1999 - Dance teacher at the "Academy of Arabic Dance Alia Shams", Seville, Spain.

1997-1998 - Sijilmassa Andalusí Palace restaurant & Sheraton Hotel (Casablanca, Morocco). Live music.
From March to July 1998 a Culture production in the Reales Alcázares de Seville (Palace) as Teacher, Choreographer and Dancer, specialist in Al-Andalus dance (Sevilla, Spain). European tour England, France, Switzerland, Germany dancing in parties and some restaurants as Omar Kayan in London. Douring Summer 1998 - performing at Elisèes Liban I, Baalbeck Washington and Fakhr el Dine restaurants (Paris- France). With live music.
1999-2000 - For her experience as Dancer, Teacher and Choreographer, Amora became an Equity Member of the Professional Association of Dance (Madrid, Spain). Riad Salam Moroccan restaurant (Marbella - Málaga) Spain. With live music. Abohamed Egyptian restaurant (London UK). Live music.

2001-2002 - Greek restaurant Elysee, the Moroccan Safir, and some parties in other restaurants like the Egyptian Abohamed, the Greek Apollonia & the Iraqi Baghdad. Mostly with live music. (London UK).

2002-2003 - Al-Diwan Syrian restaurant and Assafir Jordanian restaurant (Barcelona, Spain). Dance teacher at Kundalini Yoga, Masala Centre, Dance teacher and choreographer at School of Dance Nuria, master dance teacher at Arsenal 5* Gymnasium, Barcelona, Spain. Dance teacher at Atenas Gymnasium, master dance teacher at Spejos, 5* Gym Puerto Banus, Marbella, Malaga, Spain.

2003-2004 - London restaurants: Greek restaurant Apollonia, Argelian Al-Casbah and Greek Alexander the Great. While teaching in different dance schools in London such us 02 Centre and Expressions Studios, Amora collaborated also with her students in Charity events for NGO organisations such as Marie Curie Cancer Care,..Dancing daily at Efes II, Turkish restaurant at Great Portland Street and the Turkish restaurant Mazic (London, UK).


August 2005 - Amora moves to Spain. Amora organizes the 1st Festival of Oriental Dance in Almuñécar, that took place on the 7th July 2006, all benefits went to Alzheimer Almuñécar Association. This Festival was reduced into about 1h show with Amora students, Alia Shams and ther students.

2005-2007 - Amora was dancing every weekend in the original Arabic Castle in Almuñécar as a Al-Andalus dancer for the Al-Andalus Government, Amora keeps teaching dance, organizing workshops bringing students from abroad and providing intensive private lessons to students who require this option. Performing also in the Egyptian Restaurant “Cleopatra Palace” near Marbella, Spain.


2008 - 2009 - Amora moves to Cairo, Egypt, where she gets in contact with the legends of Oriental Dance, Amora speciality. Amora continues teaching and dancing, but now from the birth of Belly Dancing, Egypt.

She dances in Weddings and 5 * Hotels like Sheraton Hotel in Sharm el Sheikh, Egypt.

And also dances as folkloric egyptian dancer and oriental belly dancer with two international dance troups: "Derviches del Cairo" and with "Shiko Show Company". Amora it's seen on two national egyptian televisions programs and two international Festivals, Dahab Dance Festival & Sakia El Sawy Charity Festival.


Nowadays students from all around the world comes to study and become professional bellydancers with Amora where ever she is, either Spain, Morocco or Egypt.


2009 - 2010 - Amora goes back to Spain to get Qualified as a Tourist Animator in Marbella, Malaga



2011 – 2012 - Amora performs at the arabian discotheques named Leyla, Haram & Marraquesh with live musicians in Barcelona, Spain. 

Finally, Amora Shams Certificates and her Dance School "Amora Dance" become recognized by the UNESCO through the International Congress of Dance on year 2012 for those students who study with Amora her two courses: BecomeBellyDancer & Become a Qualified BD Teacher (150hBDC).

Thanks to this, now the students who complete the two courses can teach worldwide recognized in more than 250 countries.
Amora kept doing some trips to teach her “Become BellyDancer in 20 days Course" to international students, that also many came to Spain to learn from her during 2012 and 2013.


During 2013, some of her students have become internationally known, winning dance competitions and becoming teachers even in dance festivals in Cairo, Egypt.
Zara Dance won on 2013 a BellyDance Competition in London, UK

Caramella Bellydance Malta become in 2013 a BellyDance teacher at the Lelah Masriya BellyDance Festival in Cairo, Egypt.

Right now Amora has 20 years of teaching experience, so her students learn very quickly and get good results specially when they study the
"BecomeBellyDancer in 20 days Course"

 since 23/02/2014

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Keyle Rece said...

really heart touching Egyptian Amora Shams, a bellydancer since childhood. such a impressive memories her dancing talent to represent this article.

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Keyle Rece said...

such a glories Amora Shams, a belly dancer since childhood. so much inspire to find this wonderful post.

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Keyle Rece said...

this outstanding article from Amora Shams, a bellydancer since childhood. really wonderful to read this article.

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