Wednesday, 6 March 2019

Travel Egypt becoming a golden BellyDancer intensive Course from 1st July until 3rd August 2019

 The course which was going to take place in Spain from the 1st July until 3rd August 2019, has been changed to EGYPT. You will be travelling Egypt through 5 weeks while Amora teaching the course she created to produce BellyDancers in record time. Read and Share new poster.

* 2 weeks on the Red Sea city of Hurghada teaching Beginner Level
* 1 week on the Pharaohnic city of Luxor teaching Intermediate Level
* 1 week travelling to the north from Luxor to Cairo teaching Advanced Level
* 1 week in the Pyramids of Giza teaching Professional Level

The content of the International Certification BellyDance Course:
- Beginner Level (2 weeks studying the International Certification Level 1 in BellyDance):
you learn the history of Egyptian Dance from pharaoh times up to nowadays, the philosophy and therapeutical use behind it, and you will learn all the BellyDance movements a BellyDancer should know to start her dance career, from the most basic (all on one spot) until the most advanced (all traveling on the space).
- Intermediate Level (1 week studying the International Certification Level 2 in BellyDance):
you will learn to improvise to any Arabian Baladi, Tabla Percussion Solo, Taxims and you will learn to use the veil in the Sufi way and in the presentation way, plus you will learn to dance with the Cymbals Zills.
- Advanced Level (1 week studying the International Certification Level 3 in BellyDance):
you will learn how to create any coreography to any arabian music in a traditional way, plus you will learn to dance to Saidi Folkloric Egyptian Dance with the cane in the feminine way that all bellydancers should know (nowadays difficult to find), dance with the Isis wings and capes like a queen.
- Professional Level (1 week - non international certification applies as public votes your achieved level on the Show Test):
you will learn how to impress the public with the tricks of the trade, learning to prepare a good show, a good presentation for the show test, at this stage you will be 100% into preparing yourself to perform in front of public, you will learn to use the Candelabra Shamadan and the Sword Ritual Dances (nowadays difficult to see the old style). And as the course is taking place in Egypt, you will also have 3 workshops with famous Egyptian Tanoura, Folklore and Darbuka teachers.

Fee per student Course with accomodation included (only females):
Booking before 29th March is 2000 euros for complete course, or 1000 euros per level.
Booking between 29th March until 31st May is 2500 euros for complete course, or 1250 euros per level.
Book by paying 50% now and 50% when you meet Amora face to face to start your course.
* Booking closes on 31st May 2019
* Touristic visits, taxis, transportation, health and safety insurances, your food and flights are not included on these fees.

Please Note: All students must be in Hurghada on the 30th June 2019 to complete their remining 50% booking fee at the first meeting, and leave from Cairo after 1pm on 4th August 2019 for delivery of the highest Private School Level Certificate you achieved, The highest International Level Certificate you achieved during the Course, will be issued after you end the course, and will be send to your post by mail in no more than 3 months.

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