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Intensive 7 days BellyDance Courses in EGYPT with Amora Shams

From November 2017 Amora Shams is going to be teaching in Hurghada EGYPT
the BBDC program per weeks for those students who do not have a complete month free from their works.

To become a BellyDancer in such as short time, only 4 weeks, it's only possible with a teacher like Amora Shams and students who do their daily homework and study everyday non-stop. Make your dream become true with an expert in dance techniques.

Now you can study the BBDC Program  "Become a BellyDancer in 25 days Course"  by independent levels (one level per week):
 Each level starts on a Saturday ending on a Saturday (Friday off). You will be studying from Amora 3 hours per day, during 5 days plus exams on last day of each week, plus on your free time you will be doing all your daily written and practical homeworks, so you need to understand that to get a good resoult at the end of the course, you must fully-dadicate your time into the course while you are studying the course, so best is to do it while you are on a holiday from work or family.  

A total of 150 hours per level, at the end of the course you whould have completed 
450 hours international certified course (up to level 3) plus 150 hours extra to become a professional BellyDance performer.

The program is (taught 5 days per week plus 1 day exams = 6 days) x 4 weeks program, plus one day extra for The Show Testa total of 25 days Course.

1st Week of each month:
Beginner Level - Level 1 International Certificate (1st week): 
Learn to do most of the BellyDance Movements and to Teach them all
From the most basic movement to the most difficult movements, understanding your body, and learn the Historical and Philosophical reason of why each movement it's done in the way should be done.

2nd Week of each month: 
Intermediate Level - Level 2 International Certificate  (2nd week): 
Learn to Improvise as an Arabian woman with " Tharab "
Learn to move according to the Egyptian Tradition to Baladi (Balady) solo tabla and taxims, learn to dance with Tharab, learn to use veil, sufi-trance dance and learn to dance with cymbals.

3rd Week of each month: 
Advance Level - Level 3 International Certificate (3rd week): 
Learn to create original Choreographies
Learn to dance to all arabian songs, learn the music structure, learn how to create your own choreographies, learn to use the doube-veils, wings and capes and learn to dance Saidi (cane folkloric Egyptian dance).

4th Week of each month: 
Professional Level - non international certification (4th week): 
Learn to Get Bravos and Win BellyDance Competitions
Learn how to present yourself as a dancer, how to create your own professional shows, how to perform with live musicians, how to make-up for the show, learn to choose your right costume, learn to dance with the candelabra and the sword and how to promote yourself.


Beata was a beginner student on the 5th September 2015 born in Poland and living in Norway, no experience in BellyDnace field at all, not even as an Arabian background, and in just 21 days she managed to show to the public that she become a Professional Level BellyDancer:

Post done by Amora Shams BBDC 2015 student Chandra Wood from Florida on the year 2016 when Amora was going to come to USA to teach the BBDC Program:

Chandra Wood during a written BBDC exam on 2015:

On the photo below from left to right the September BBDC 2011 students:
 Zara Abdelrahman, Samia Morley and Azin:

Zara and Azin making ther daily written homework during their BBDC during the month of September 2011 in Cairo EGYPT with Amora Shams (the creator of the BBD course):

As soon as Zara ended the BBDC, few months after she ended the course, she won 1st place the UK BellyDance Competition "BellyDance Tropies" two consecutivelly years, on year 2012 and on 2013: 

Amora sending on August 2017 a public message on the post of her BBDC 2011 student Zara Abdelrahman, who now it's becoming a big star in Cairo, EGYPT
 dancing next to the Egyptian stars in weddings, video clips and movies:

Azin nowadays is very successful BellyDancer in Kenya, but right now she is performing in 
Sharm El Sheik EGYPT

Amora while she was teaching in Egypt, the BellyDance Boulevard owners came to record a video tutorial from her facing the pyramids of Giza, the video is double uploaded by Amora and them and has in total more than 100,000 viewers on YouTube. 

Amora Shams has over 3,000,000 viewers on her videos on YouTube
at some point on year 2012 she was getting 10,000 visitors per day on her videos:

Amora Shams use to teach in Cairo but after several years between Spain and Egypt, she will finally be based in Hurghada EGYPT.


Come to study this course on the Red Sea of Hurghada, where you will be able on your free day (Fridays) to see the colourful fishes on the wild by just snorkeling as if you were putting your head inside an aquarium:

Or just chill out on the beach or pools of your hotel:


Amora Shams welcomes students to come to one day visit to Luxor at the end of the complete BBDC, to see face to face the drawings of the Ancient BellyDancers on the walls of the Pharaohnic Temples of Ancient Egypt:

Each course it's limited to a maximum of 5 students per group, so book before it's too late:

Contact by email: