Saturday, 8 April 2017

Become a BellyDancer Course: the Most Intensive Dance Trainning

At this moment i am only offering an intensive 1 month BellyDance course known as BBDC, that can also be taught the same program in 12 Super Intensive Days.
The difference between both are:
* The 1 month Program is taught 3 hours per day during 20 days, plus extra 4 days for exams. Has written and practical homework and exams with International BellyDance Certification.
* The 12 days Program is taught 5 hours per day. Doesn't have any exams, only time for learning as workshops, getting better results as a private student. And non international certificate is provided.
This course has changed the life of those students who has study it, specially for those who were successful on their daily homework and therefore exams. And you can search about this, all information is out there online.
The BBDC "Become a BellyDancer Course" Fees with Accomodation taught either in EGYPT or in SPAIN are:
* As a private student: 3000 euros
* As a group student: 1500 euros per student.
Please Note: if you want Course without accomodation is 500 euros less for private students or 300 euros less for students inside a group.
When i travel out of this two countries to teach the course, the fee is 5000 euros, either for a private student or for a group of students.
The dates and place is previously stated by student who books me and my free availability to teach it to her, before booking proceeds on the Student Registration Form which will be the contract between her and me and will be send to her once it is confirmed by her that she is ready to book on dates and place stablished.
Right now i am in Hurghada EGYPT, so if someone books me in the next 3 days to teach her here in the remaining month of April 2017, i will stay here until I end her intensive training. I was planing to travel abroad, but if i get booked i will stay.
To book dates and place, it is necessary to pay 50% in advace by bank transfer and the remaining fee by cash or by bank transfer, to start the course. All payments done to me are non refundable,  if she changes her mind it's her problem. My course is like a flight, once you are in, you have to go on, you can not ask the pilot to go back to your departure airport and return to you the money because you are scared of the high speed or the higth.
If you need more information you can ask me by email:
Warm Regards, Amora Shams
Listen to the conversation of my last BBDC private student about this course while she was learnning from me on the last month of March 2017:

Saturday, 1 April 2017

BBDC'17 feedback by Private Student from Sweden with Voice Feedback by the student

Amora Shams is still in EGYPT, if you want to learn from her in EGYPT
during the month of April 2017 contact her by  

BBDC'2017 eddition Student feedback (swedish):
BBDC upplevelsen tillsammans med Amora är något jag aldrig kommer glömma. Amora är en fantastisk dansare och lärare som vet precis hur hon ska nå dansaren inom oss alla. Hon är så otroligt engagerad och entusiastisk inför varje lektion och smittar en med sin danspassion. I denna kurs täcker hon allt och lite till som gäller för att bli en magdansare, men man lär sig så mycket mer än bara dans. Vill du lära dig magdansa är Amora och BBDC kursen det bästa valet. Hon tar sin uppgift på allvar och hon bryr sig jättemycket om att hennes elever ska nå sina mål och sprida sin magi ut i världen. Hon ser sina elever som små frön, som hon planterar, vårdar, matar och skyddar och när man växt sig stor och stark och kommit upp till ytan är man redo att sträcka sig mot ljuset. Amora öppnade upp många låsta dörrar i mitt huvud och förklarar dansens stora betydelse och mening. Hon lär dig KORREKT teknik, dansens otroliga historia och lockar fram dig i din dans. Hennes sätt att lära ut är 100% baserat på hennes elev, hon skräddarsyr kursen efter dig, dina behov och önskningar. Hon är otroligt snäll, generös, förstående men framför allt ROLIG. Den här resan har för mig varit över alla förväntningar och jag har aldrig varit så säker på vart jag ska i livet förens nu. Bästa Amora TACK.

"BBDC experience along with Amora is something I will never forget. Amora is a great dancer and teacher who knows exactly how she will reach the dancer in all of us. She is so incredibly dedicated and enthusiastic about every class, infecting one with her dance passion. This course covers her everything and more that apply to become a belly dancers, but you learn so much more than just dancing. Want to learn magdansa is Amora and BBDC course the best choice. She takes her job seriously and she cares very much about her students to reach their goals and spread their magic into the world. She sees her students as small seeds, which she planted, nurture, feed and protect and when grown big and strong and come up to the surface, ready to extend to the light. Amora opened up many doors locked in my head, and explains the dance importance and meaning. She will teach you proper technique, dance incredible history and brings out in your dancing. Her way of teaching is 100% based on her students, she will tailor the course for you, your needs and desires. She is incredibly kind, generous, understanding and above all FUN. This trip has been for me above all expectations and I have never been sure where I'm going in life, the bow now. Best Amora THANKS."  

The same Private Student having a conversation with Amora about her way of teaching the BBDC:

Part 1-5:


Part 2-5:


Part 3-5:

Part 4-5:

 Part 5-5:


Amora Shams is still in EGYPT,
if you want to learn from her in EGYPT
during the month of April 2017
Contact her by: