Sunday, 9 October 2016

Differences between Classes and Courses by Amora Shams

In this video that you can only hear the instruction, is the way I teach during my course for you to learn very quickly and efficiently: 

Instead, when I teach a class, I use music and I dance much more. In a course I never dance unless the students do not understand something, in a course I make them work hard, they are the ones that want to become dancers, then they are the ones that have to dance, and I just guide them to be the best they can be in the less time as possible, helpping them to develop through theory classes like this video.

This video is just 25 min. long, and I already taught 15 movements, imagine a 3 hours session of the course with me, I go though all the factors of the day, and then when they have it clear in their minds, then I make them practice once an over again during the rest of the 3 hours session what they learned in that day, then I send them homework to do at their free time to bring it next day, so I can correct it, and we go further. The homework is to help them to pass their written and practical exams.

In my classes they never have to do exams, they only have fun, are mixed levels classes, I am dancing with them following me most of the time, I correct them, I teach them to do certain movements, maybe 5 movements in 1 hour class, specially those movements that need special attention to avoid getting injuries, in 23 years teaching BellyDance I never had a student injured from my teachings, just because the technique I use is to be save them from any injuries, my yougest student was 4 years old and my oldest student was 83 years old as far as I can remember, so this dance classes are open for anyone who wants to stretch up, get tonned, and use muscles that never used them before.

In classes I don't teach my students to become dancers, what I teach them is to regenerate their bodies as a Therapeutical Dance with slow movements and tecnically clean as BellyDancers use to do 7,000 years ago in Ancient Egypt (except acrobatic movements), and for those who have more level, I make them do the same movements but with more dificulty in the same group of classes, this is why I mix the levels on a group classes.

In a course I make everyone progress on the same level, day per day. Noneone can get in the back.
Amora Shams 

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