Monday, 17 October 2016

Successful BBDC students: Zara 2011 edition

Scientific and owner of a bellyDance online Shop Zara Egyptian living in London, after she ended the course she won two years consecutively the 1st prize UK Competition as best BellyDancer of UK, becomming a very succesful and super powerfull bellydancer in London, creating her own events, and nowadays is a full time bellydancer and teacher travelling all around the World.

Zazeen  (Zara & Azin duo performances)

The same video but seen from the front is on Facebook:

This is a workshop that forms part of the BBDC when is taught in Egypt
The teacher is Hanny and is the main dancer at the El Guri Temple in Khan el Khalili

In this video you can watch Azin and Zara both improvising a perfomance on a video-clip of famous Kenyian singer and an Indian singer, fussionning Bellydance with Bollywood and African dances. This video has become viral! ... Enjoy! it's fun!

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