Friday, 27 October 2017

Amora Shams started the fashion in Europe to perform as a BellyDancer doing the Arch and the Belly *Pharaohnic Movements*

Watch videos of Golden Age Egyptian BellyDancers in Black and White movies such as: Katy Fotsaty, Nemat Mokhtar, etc. a part of the drawings on the walls of Pharaohnic Temples in Egypt, it is proven that it's not an invention, it's History.
When I was dancing in weddings in Egypt, I have been told by Egyptians, that I am like the Old Fashion of Egyptian Dancers of Luxor.

When I was daincing in Paris (FRANCE) on 1998, I was told by the owners of the Arabian Restaurants where I was performing that I was an authentic BellyDancer because I was doing Pharaohnic Movements "the Belly and the Arch"  (noneone was doing it in all Europe), since I left Paris, the owners of the places where I performed started to ask to other dancers to do the Arch to perform in their restaurants, few years later I had a student in Seville (SPAIN) that she came from Paris and told me that she was a teacher there, and was a fashion in Paris that if you do not know how to do the arch, you can't perform in a high class restaurant (the kind of places where I was performing), and she said that many BellyDancers were getting injured because of this.

So yes, I did started the fashion (I didn't invent it), I was using the arch on my performances since 1995.

On late 1990's was not as easy to get black & white videos like nowadays (free and easy to find online), on those times you had to travel to countries like Egypt, searching days for a good quality video of bellydancers (one of the problems that you have in Egypt is that one, to get good quality videos or music of BellyDancers, instead on the internet it's very easy nowadays). This means that in those moments, was not comun for BellyDancers to know that the Arch and the Belly were original movements from Ancient Egypt and Black and White movies, unless you travel to Egypt and see with your own eyes in Luxor or searching many discographies and places to find VHS videos of bellydancers. This is why wasn't that comun to do those kind of movements.

Best of all, Amora Shams

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