Friday, 20 October 2017

Responding to Stephanie Ann

On her comment on the post

"When an Egyptian bellydance teacher asking to BUY a BellyDance Certificate"

Dear Stephanie Ann,

If you read the complete conversation you will see that NO, she does not want to be a bellydancer with license to perform inside Egypt, what she wants is a certification from me to open a Dance School out of Egypt.

My certifications are internationally recognised due that the quality I provide in the BBDC "Become a BellyDancer Course", is high and also those who pass all exams become successful bellydancers, teachers and choreographers, winning in international BellyDance Competitions (as far as I know 5 prizes from only 3 students), becoming teacher at BellyDance Festivals, creating BellyDance Magazines, Online BellyDance Shops, artists BellyDance paintings, dancing in films, video-clips, weddings, and events, using my teachings to help other women through psicology to women who has suffered from abuses as this dance makes you grow up your self-confidence, other students use this course to just be teachers and communicate to their students how should be done properly all the BellyDance movements as nowadays are degenerated by most teachers and new fashions creating the wrong development on their soul and body reacions, some even become famous world travellers, or presenter at a TV dance program, some students use it as a way to express their own vision of the relationship between BellyDance and Yoga and Spirituality to teach it to others, each student takes the knowledge of this course in their own direction, each one becoming absolutely different from each other.

This is why my certificates have a value, and I do not sell them to anyone, because the certifcations are the prove that they studied from me, and also that they have achieved the level I consider necessary to be a teacher or a performer.

And the professional level is not chosen by me, is chosen by the public on the Show Test evaluation at the end of the 25 days course.

I do not know any teacher that achieves the results I achieve with my students, in such a short time, and the prove that this is possible, that I can create dancers starting from absolute beginner arrive to performnace level in such a short time, it's proven by my BBDC students.

Of course, not all BBDC students study this course to become dancers, most of them just do it for themselfs, many whom has study this course are from Arab countries (Egypt, Iran, Irak, Yemen, Morocco, etc.) and other students from India and also from USA, whom do not like to expose their work, all they want it's to keep it secret, so those will never perform publicly.

Warm Regards
Amora Shams

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