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FAQ's when booking the BBDC "Become a BellyDancer Course" a One Month BellyDance Course

Dear interested future BBDC student,

Thank you for your interest in my courses, I must tell you that the BBDC is for creating golden bellydancers, choreographers and teachers, the BQBDTC it's only for teaching the BBDC program, so if what you want it's just to teach regular BellyDance classes, you do not need to study the BQBDTC, after successfully completing the BBDC you can teach. While studying the BBDC there is up to Level 3 International BellyDance Certification Levels, Level 3 is the highest, which in the BBDC is equivalent to Advance level. It's great that there is noneone teaching BellyDance in your area beacause means that you will be pioneer in your area, so by sure, you will be very successful.

Been 40 years old it's not too late to be a bellydancer, my mom who it's my teacher, started the career of BellyDance at the age of 35 years old, and she was a very successfull bellydancer on her times; and me after 5 years not dancing at all, I am now over 40 years old, and I have start dancing here in Egypt at some private parties at friends homes, and I dance right now even better than before, because my maturity of been over 40 years old, makes my dance more relaxing, as I make less efforts on dancing great, when I was younger, I was very competitive, always trying to be the best on stage, and everyone will tell me that I was the best, nowadays I dance in a way that I do not care about what the people thinks or says, I just dance from what I know and I have been teaching during 25 years of my life, and I don't even prepare my shows, I dance all by improvisation choosing my songs at the last minute before jumping into the stage.

During the BBDC:
- You will learn to do all the BellyDance movements at Beginner Level, 
- You will learn to improvise to any song, dance with cymbals and veils at Intermediate Level,
- You will learn to choreography a professional performance show plus use of the cane and the isis wings or capes all of this at Advance Level, and
- You will learn to face public getting bravo's or winning in bellydance competitions plus dancing to candelabra and the sword turkish dance at Professional Level,
 - Plus if required, you will have 3 extra workshops in Cairo with Folklore famous teacher, Tanoura famous teacher and famous Darbukist. 

So at the end of the course, you should be ready to perform publicly, all depends on your will, because been 40 years old it's not old, it's just a period of time in our life where we are much more ready to perform the Golden Age Classical Egyptian BellyDance Style.

Replying to your questions:


1. exact dates of the course in June as well as July 
I teach the course only when I get booked, so far for the months you are asking, I am booked to teach on July in Spain (but probably I end up teaching in Egypt, depends on my work here in Egypt), but if you want to make sure that i will be teaching you in Egypt, I will recommend you to book for JUNE 2018, before one week, because I offered few days ago to those who wanted to study from me in 2018 a promotion fee to be booking me before 15th January 2018, which I have extended until one week more as there are some students booking and they need few days more to proceed with their registration, I made this promotion because I have to arrenge my agenda for the nexts months according to the bookings I get during this current week until Monday 22nd January 2018.

Promotion fees booking before 22nd January 2018 are:

FEES for studying the Complete BBDC on 2018
when booking before 15th January 2018 !!!
to study the BBDC either:

EGYPT :  February, March, April, May or June 2018

SPAIN : July or August 2018
- Private Students 2500 euros ($3000 USD)

- Group Students 1250 euros ($1500 USD)


Fees BBDC 2018 booking from 15th January 2018 are the following:
The cost as a private student depends on how early you book:
- More than 6 months in advance it's 2500 euros ($3000 USD)
- Between 6 to 3 months in advance it's 2800 euros ($3400 USD)
- Between 3 to 1 month in advance it's 3200 euros ($3800 USD)
- Less than 1 month in advance is 3600 euros ($4300 USD)
The cost as a group student depends on how early you book:
- More than 6 months in advance it's 1250 euros ($1500 USD)
- Between 6 to 3 months in advance it's 1400 euros ($1700 USD)
- Between 3 to 1 month in advance it's 1650 euros ($2000 USD)
- Less than 1 month in advance is 1900 euros ($2300 USD)

For booking, it's a must to pay the 50% in advance, and the remining fee before starting the course. If you book now for an especific date, and when the time comes for some reason you can not do it, then no problem if you give me a notice of one month befor, we will move the date to a further time. All payments done to Amora Shams are non-refundable, she only teaches serious students who book her in advance.

All students before sending any payments to book this course, they must register with Amora Shams, filling up the Student Registration Form by previously printing it, reading it all, filling it up, signing it, scann it, and send it to her by email with a copy of their ID or Passport or Driving License. You must accept all her conditions, otherwise she will not teach you, her methology it's successful when students follow her indications, this is why it's a must to follow her rules, and that's why it's described on the Student Registration Form.

2. Duration of the group course/ private session 
The duration of the BBDC it's a 4 weeks program, I have teach it as a 20 days program in the past, but was too intensive and tiring for all students and for myself. Specially since my course it's internationally certified program, because each level must have written and practical homework and exams, so there is not material time to do it in less than 25 days (20 days plus exams), plus also student and myself, need to have at least one day off, so it's a total of 4 weeks program, and each week it's One Level of the BBDC "Become a BellyDancer Course". So for those students who can't study the complete 1 month course, I openned the last year 2017 the option of studying the course by levels (5 teaching days per level plus 1 day rest plus 1 day exam)

3. Accommodation and fooding 
The best accomodation for a BBDC student it's to rent a flat next to me, better than staying in a hotel, because then you can have the space to rehearse on your free time, you buy the food you want to eat, and cook it on your flat, so will not damage your regular diet, in hotels you can't have that freedom, plus normally I come to teach my students at their home, or they come to my home to study from me. I have had students living with me, but I learned that I need my privacy and my free time, I get super tired whe I live with BBDC students, yes the relationship we create it's like sisters or mother, more than teacher and students, but has arrive the moment in my life, that I need my own space, so I have decided that I will not have more students living with me while they study the course from me, so I ask my students, to just book a flat next to me, so make our lifes easier, than bringing you to my home.

If you want me to organise the accomodation for you, then I charge 1000 euros for the service locating you into a rented flat for that just 1 month period, either as a private or group student (sharing the flat or just having it only for yourself alone). But if deciding to take this option, then you will have to stricly follow my rules, as I am the one who it's making the contract to rent the flat for you. The rules are the basic ones that any tenant by Law must follow, but in Egypt also you need to consider that non man can enter at a female flat when she is single (not married) or they are not family members (brother, ancle, etc), you are not allowed to take drugs, smoke or drink alcohol in the flat. You will have to sign an extra document if you choose me to arrenge the accomodation for you, so the flat it's delivered in the same conditions that was presented to you, and I don't get in troubles with the Egyptian Law.

4. Other necessary expenses
In the place where I am living now, it's a very modernized atmosphere, we have swimming pool, sauna and jacuzzi, there are lot's of foreigners here, and the beach it's crossing the street, but the beach fee it's about 3,75 euros per day or a monthly bonus of 40 euros, in this beach fee it's included the use of the beach beds, towel and shades, but you are not allowed to enter with food or drinks, so you need to use the restaurant facilities, which for example natural fresh juices cost 1,25 euros, which it's a great value for the touristic spot. Please note that these prices are currently right now as the EGP to the EURO it's on 1 euro equals to 20 Egyptian Pounds (a year ago was 1 euro equals to 10 Egyptian pounds) and noneone knows which it's going to be the exchange rate on June 2018.

During the course, I will take you to bellydancer shows, folklore dancers shows, probably travelling aroud Egypt, buying bellydance costumes when taking you to the bellydance costume designers and shops, all these extras, are extra expenses, but I always get the best discounts specially when travelling and staying in hotels, just to let you know for example, the last time i was in Cairo with a BBDC student was with Ariya, and we were staying in front of the Sphinx and the Giza Pyramids and we we just paying a fee of 15 euros per night with Bed and Breakfast our window facing the Pyramids, or when we went to Marsa Alam, I got a full board discounted fee of 35 euros per night double-room in a diving famous hotel to swim with turtels and beautiful colourful fishes. 

I also get the best discouts for my students when buying from costume designers and shops, because I don't accept the comissions that they offer me (as I am a teacher and it's the standards here in Egypt to get a comission from the shop atendant or costume designer when bringing cotumers to them).

During the course you will need a laptop, and to bring an external hard disk, because I will make videos of you, so you will develop better, plus you will have to investigate through the internet to complete your daily homework.

You must make sure you contract a health insurance, so when you travel you are covered if you ever get sick during your stay. 

5. Which city I have to go in Egypt/Spain as applicable
I recommend to all my students, to book the flights when I know by sure where I will be when there is a month or two for me to start the course, because as is so many month in the front, I do not know yet, I depend on work, but the most probably either on Hurghada, Cairo, Marsa Alam or Luxor. I will confirm after you book me when the time comes. And when I teach in Spain, the most probably i will be teaching in Almu├▒├ęcar, but also could be in Marbella area or even in the north.

6. How can I get the teachers training certification with this course (as I am already 40 teaching this dance form would be my main focus in future , so I need to have an teachers training)
As I said in previous question above, the teachers trainning certificate only it's provided for those who want to teach the BBDC, to teach the regular classes with the Level 3 (Advance Level of the BBDC) it's mpre than enough at any dance school around the globe.

7. How long it will take to finish both BBDC As well as teachers training course all together
These two courses are a 1 month program each of them.

If you need me to answer you further questions, let me know replying to this email

Warm Regards,

Amora Shams


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