Wednesday, 27 June 2018

Ballet comes from Egyptian Dance

If you want to study the roots of Classical Ballet, you should study with Amora Shams who studied the career in Ballet in the Professional Conservatory of Dance in Spain.

Due that her her mother was one of the first BellyDancers in Spain, on early 1990's Amora started to perform publicly as a BellyDancer, since then, she has been 25 years dedicated into one of the oldest form of dance, becoming  one of the top BellyDancers in Europe.

In the past 10 years, since she created the BBDC in Egypt, she mainly focus into creating high quality BellyDancers in record time. Since 2011 her course it's recognized by United Nations of Dance due to it's University Program Level, becoming International Certified Course.

 There are still vacancies for studying the Become a BellyDancer Course this Summer in Spain, here is all the information in case you are interested to join:

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