Saturday, 3 November 2018

BellyDance has been Market as an erotical dance

Even if you are for years not practising, at any moment you get an offer to perform somewhere, you can always say "Yes!"

Because BellyDance is not related to how fit “body shape” you are, BellyDance it's related to your Soul and Mind.

For Arabian cultures a fatty woman means a healthy woman, for Americanised cultures a slim it's the healthy woman, and the same affects women for the dance field.

I have been most of my dance career very slim, and also I have performed fatty. I felt more feminine and with more facility to do certain BellyDance movements when I was fatter than when I was slimmer, but also loosing ability to do difficult movements that when I was slimmer I could perform them easier.

The problem is that BellyDance in the past 3 decades has been sold to men audience as an eroticism dance, because many performers and teachers have market it as such a form of dance, but in reality BellyDance is a Millenarian form of Dance were dancers were Priests who were living on Egyptian Temples of the Pharaoh times.

Therefore were sacred, the form of dance they were performing was focus into the regeneration of the feminine body, soul and mind, was never focus or created to seduce men!

More will be explained on the book that I am writing or to those students who study the BBDC or BGBDC.

Amora Shams (BellyDancer since 1993 and daughter of Alia Shams an Archeologist BellyDancer and one of the pioneer BellyDancers of the 1980's in Spain).

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