Sunday, 4 November 2018

LEARN ARABIC in an EASY WAY specially for BELLYDANCERS !!! 💃🧚‍♀️ * Free Classes by Amora Shams

If you are in the world of BellyDance, then you should know some basics, especially when you travel to the Dance Festivals of the Arabian Countries and you are willing to be able to communicate with the people who created this beautiful form of dance and get into their Culture, learning Arabic it's a must for foreigner BellyDancers!

Amora Shams has started two NEW YouTube accounts focus on sharing with the world all about the formation course she created and teaches to produce BellyDancers in record time:

* YouTube in English Become a BellyDancer Course
* YouTube in Spanish: FP Danza Oriental

Her old YouTube Channel Golden BellyDancer Amora Shams will be focus only on her as a Performer.

As she does not like to share the secrets of BellyDance publicly, she only teaches them to her BBDC or BGBDC students, she decided to leave these new accounts for exclusively share the feedbacks of her course students, sharing some videos of the course workshops, some small videos of her explaining something related to BellyDance (especially old videos from first youtube channel) and now she has started to also teach Arabic in an easy way for anyone who wants to learn to be a great BellyDancer.

Check her first   free  ARABIC classes, please don't forget to comment, subscribe, like and share with your friends, to motivate her to keep uploading more videos:

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