Monday, 8 June 2020

Special COVID Online Private Classes with master BellyDance teacher *Amora Shams*

Due to COVID is blocking students to travel and study the BBDC & BGBDC 
Amora Shams decided to start teaching Online Private Classes
also due that many people lost their jobs because to the moments we are living
also she decided to make them at low cost.

You can't loose this opportunity to study from her at affordable classes
straight away from your home!

As these are Online Private Classes, you book her and you choose what you want to learn, 
just ask her and she will teach you:

Did you ever wanted to do a movement that you try to do many times, 
and never achieved? 

Did you ever try to improvise and look like a pro dancer? 

Do you want to learn how to do a choreography?

Do you want to learn to dance with Veil, Cymbals, Candelabra, Saidi Cane, Wings, etc. 
in the Traditional Way ?

Do you feel that something is wrong in your dance techniques?

Do you want to discover the Secrets of the Origins of BellyDance, and how can help you to be a more centered and powerful woman?

If you said yes to most of them, sure she can help you to achieve it, 
she is known for teaching a lot in little time
This is why students achieve ineradicable results in time record
No other teacher worldwide teaches as speedy as her.

Learning is Guaranteed with the classes taught by Amora Shams
as she has been teaching since 1993 in this way, 
and she developed her own teaching techniques
this is why she is different to all other teachers

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