Monday, 26 December 2016

Why is unique the BBDC "Become a BellyDancer Course"?

The BBDC "Become a BellyDancer Course" is a course I designed for Private Students to create BellyDancers starting from any level until professional level in record time, this course I developed after many years of teaching very technically and specifically to my private students giving them my secrets as a successful bellydancer while I was a performer, and also to my group students to create in them a dependence in not missing any of my weekly classes, so they could learn step by step and develop into a high quality performance at the end of the year.

This is why this course is so unique, because I created after 15 years teaching experience in a very unique way. Has arrived to my ears that somewhere in Turkey they have try to copy my course structure as is published online, but of course their students will never get the same results as those who study from me, because my way of teaching is very technically and emotionally envolved.

When I have a BBDC private student, I give all my love and energy to make her develop quickly, instead in a standard BellyDance School, they do not want the students to learn quickly, at the contrary, they want them to learn very slowly.

During the 1st week of the BBDC (Beginner Level) you will learn movements which you have never used before, movements which teachers normally teach to their students when they have been learnning from them more than 7 years.

During the 1st week you will learn all the movments a BellyDancer needs to perform. This is why the BBDC is unique, because in just the 1st week, you learn all what you will learn during 10 years with a standard BellyDance School.

The rest of the BBDC levels, are focus in developing from the students the other side to become a professional BellyDancers while they get use to the digestion of the movements they learned during the 1st week.

Prof. Amora Shams

Sunday, 11 December 2016

Group Students BBDC in just 7 weeks

Study the BBDC "Become a BellyDancer Course" in a group of students with easy payments and in a good speed, in just 7 weeks!

Info about the course:

Dates for 2017 in Spain:
  •  9th January - 25th February

  • 3rd April - 20th May

  • 10th July - 26th August

  • 2nd October - 18th November

The fees are according to how late you book your spot:

  • Booking more than 9 months before is 900 euros: 

300 euros to book your spot plus 300 euros to join the second month.

  • Booking between 9 to 3 months before 1.200 euros: 

400 euros to book your spot plus 400 euros to join the second month.

  • Booking after 3 months before 1.500 euros: 

500 euros to book your spot plus 500 euros to join the second month.

Get a discounted fee of the 10% by paying full payment all at once, in just one payment.

Monday, 17 October 2016

Successful BBDC students: Zara 2011 edition

Scientific and owner of a bellyDance online Shop Zara Egyptian living in London, after she ended the course she won two years consecutively the 1st prize UK Competition as best BellyDancer of UK, becomming a very succesful and super powerfull bellydancer in London, creating her own events, and nowadays is a full time bellydancer and teacher travelling all around the World.

Zazeen  (Zara & Azin duo performances)

The same video but seen from the front is on Facebook:

This is a workshop that forms part of the BBDC when is taught in Egypt
The teacher is Hanny and is the main dancer at the El Guri Temple in Khan el Khalili

In this video you can watch Azin and Zara both improvising a perfomance on a video-clip of famous Kenyian singer and an Indian singer, fussionning Bellydance with Bollywood and African dances. This video has become viral! ... Enjoy! it's fun!

Sunday, 9 October 2016

Differences between Classes and Courses by Amora Shams

In this video that you can only hear the instruction, is the way I teach during my course for you to learn very quickly and efficiently: 

Instead, when I teach a class, I use music and I dance much more. In a course I never dance unless the students do not understand something, in a course I make them work hard, they are the ones that want to become dancers, then they are the ones that have to dance, and I just guide them to be the best they can be in the less time as possible, helpping them to develop through theory classes like this video.

This video is just 25 min. long, and I already taught 15 movements, imagine a 3 hours session of the course with me, I go though all the factors of the day, and then when they have it clear in their minds, then I make them practice once an over again during the rest of the 3 hours session what they learned in that day, then I send them homework to do at their free time to bring it next day, so I can correct it, and we go further. The homework is to help them to pass their written and practical exams.

In my classes they never have to do exams, they only have fun, are mixed levels classes, I am dancing with them following me most of the time, I correct them, I teach them to do certain movements, maybe 5 movements in 1 hour class, specially those movements that need special attention to avoid getting injuries, in 23 years teaching BellyDance I never had a student injured from my teachings, just because the technique I use is to be save them from any injuries, my yougest student was 4 years old and my oldest student was 83 years old as far as I can remember, so this dance classes are open for anyone who wants to stretch up, get tonned, and use muscles that never used them before.

In classes I don't teach my students to become dancers, what I teach them is to regenerate their bodies as a Therapeutical Dance with slow movements and tecnically clean as BellyDancers use to do 7,000 years ago in Ancient Egypt (except acrobatic movements), and for those who have more level, I make them do the same movements but with more dificulty in the same group of classes, this is why I mix the levels on a group classes.

In a course I make everyone progress on the same level, day per day. Noneone can get in the back.
Amora Shams 

Tuesday, 4 October 2016

Sunday, 11 September 2016

Amora Shams biography

  • Work

    • Bellydance Instructor · 2008 to present · Nazlet El Simmân, Al Jizah, Egypt
      Teaching the BBDC since 2008 mainly in Egypt and Spain.

      • Founder and Director · 2008 to present · Nazlet El Simmân, Al Jizah, Egypt
        Teacher & Director of the International BellyDance Certification Program

        • Bellydancer · In 2012 · Marbella, Spain
          I was performing and teaching there on weekends

          • Bellydancer · December 2010 to January 2011 · Barcelona, Spain
            I was dancing in this place sunday to thursdays, while I was dancing at anothe place. The singer from another disco took got this other place for me, because she thought that someone like me should be dancing in all the good Arabian places.

            • Bellydancer · November 2010 to January 2011 · Barcelona, Spain
              I was dancing here every night on week days, while at the same time I was dancing in another Arabian Disco in Barcelona on the same days.

            • Bellydancer · November 2010 to January 2011 · Castelldefels
              I was dancing there on weekends, this place was beautifully decorated and I had an orchestra playing live music for me. The female singer of this place told me that I was the only Professional BellyDancer in all Spain, and I said to her: "come on! there are many bellydancers in Spain, how can you say that?" then she said to me: "because you are the onlyone she knows that will perfrom publicly with live musicians without making a previous rehersal." she added "all bellydancers in Spain dance with their own CD's"

            • Bellydancer · In 2010 · Marbella, Spain
              I was performing there on weekends

            • Bellydancer · In 2008 · Giza, Egypt
              I was the bellydancer of a group of 10 male and female folklore Egyptian dancers, where I had to also dance some folklore pieces. We travelled all around Egypt for dancing in Weddings: Port Said, Ismaleya, etc. We were performing weekly at a place known as Gardenia, in the area of the Pyramds of Gizah, which was our base.

            • Bellydancer · In 2008 · Sharm el-Sheikh, Egypt

            • راقص فنون شعبية dancer Egyptian folklor · December 2007 to January 2008 · Giza, Egypt
              I was the only female dancer in this team of about 30 artists on stage. I was performing there daily during a month, dancing for foreigners, most of them Spanish (they didn't know that I was Spanish, everyone thought that I was Egyptian). The rest of the team was Samir Hesein (a dancer and teacher of Mahmood Reda Troup) and two more folklore dancers, then was a group of about 7 Tanoura Dancers between children and adults, who the top star of all of them is nowadays a famous Worldwide performer and teacher, his name is Mohammed Gareeb. There were also a large orchestra of folklore musicians.

            • Bellydancer · In August 2006 · Almuñécar, Spain
              I was daily performing at this real castle for a drama-dance Show about Al Andalus times

            • BellyDance · August 2006 to August 2007 · Almuñécar, Spain
              I was teaching and dancing at this place, which belonged to me while I was the owner of a restaurant known as Omeya Shams. I had 3 reduced groups of maximum 5 students each. I think their fee was 15€ per hour per student, or making discounts when paying monthly (comming to be 10€/hour per student).

            • Bellydance Instructor · 2005 to 2006 · Almuñécar, Spain
              Weekley classes at this studio with a solid group. One of the students who came to this group, few months later become the creator, organiser and director of the Frigiliana International BellyDance. Festival, her name was Victoria Ivanova.

            • Bellydancer · 2004 to 2005 · London, United Kingdom
              This Turkish restaurant was just open when I was dancing at their place. was located at Victoria area, I think close to the underground. The brother of the owner was the first peson I met starting to sell BellyDance costumes Online by Ebay. I actually remember exchanging one turkish dress which I still have by one of my weekley performances. :) I think I made a good deal!

            • Bellydance Instructor · July 2003 to September 2003 · Marbella, Spain
              I was teaching at the only 5* gymnasium of the famous hair dressing Spanish company Spejos. This place was in Puerto Banus.

            • Bellydance Instructor · July 2003 to September 2003 · Marbella, Spain
              I was teaching here on summer 2003

            • Bellydancer · 2003 to 2004 · London, United Kingdom
              Dancing at Effes II Turkish Restaurant two weeks a month, monday to sunday, sharing the month with another bellydancer. The first day I performed there, a journalist came to make me an interview, and made some photos. Next day I was on local Turkish Newspaper. I also danced once at Efes I restaurant on new years eve, and I came on the Turkish Newspaper next day.

            • Bellydance Instructor · 2003 to 2005 · London, United Kingdom
              I was renting a 50 GBP/hour studio which was massive, to a solid group of students. To guarantee that I could cover that strong fee, is when I started to create the BBDC that nowadays I still teach it but I don't know for how long, but it didn't had an structure until year 2008 while I was living in Egypt.

            • Bellydance Instructor · 2003 to 2005 · London, United Kingdom
              Teaching weekley chill out relaxed bellydance style group and also teaching another group the high quality Bellydance Traditional Egyptian Style. In this place I met a syrian darbukist that offered me to be my personal darbukist to work on parties. We become good friends, and nowadays he is the personal darbukist of my BBDC student Zara. I never introduced them, they actually found each other. :)

            • Bellydancer · 2003 to 2004 · London, United Kingdom
              I was dancing here mainly on parties, like new year eve, birthdays, etc. Was a small Greek restaurant in Camden Town. I don't know if is still open.

            • Bellydancer · 2003 to 2004 · London, United Kingdom
              This restaurant was located in front of Harrods. Was owned by a young algerian man. I still have some videos of my weekley performances at this place, but were done with digital camera, that at those moments with low light, was difficult to see something, and those cameras will not record with sound. So they are kind of dark, with none sound and you can only see something when people makes photos with flash.

            • Bellydancer · 2003 to 2004 · London, United Kingdom
              As soon I arrived back to London, not even 2 days on town, when I was called by the neighbours of the other greek restaurant Elisee, to come to work at their place. Here I was working on weekends during winter. The owner took my hand after watching my show for first time, and hold it for more than 10 minutes telling me that he travelled all around Egypt, Greece, Turkey and at his place he saw many bellydancers passing by, and he never saw anyone so good as my person. I think this place is still open, they know me as "Shams. the Spanish Bellydancer".

            • Bellydancer · 2002 to 2003 · Barcelona, Spain
              I was dancing there on weekends on winter time. I think they have change of owner, they were from Syria.

            • Bellydancer · 2002 to 2003 · Barcelona, Spain
              I was dancing there on weekends on winter time

            • Bellydance Instructor · 2002 to 2003 · Barcelona, Spain
              At this place I was teaching intensive weekend workshops to groups that the owner was organising for me. Few years later she offered me to be her BellyDance instructor at the Dance Schools she was going to open in Barcelona and later on in Madrid, but I didn't get her offer, because I was travelling. Again I lost a good opportunity, in this case, to be known in Spain, because now her School is very famous.

            • bellydance teacher · 2002 to 2003 · Barcelona, Spain
              At that moment I was teaching weekly classes in differnet dance studios, this was one of them. Here I had my oldest student so far, she was the owner, and she was on her 80's, but she was very flexible and with good health.

            • bellydance teacher · 2002 to 2003 · Barcelona, Spain
              I was the first bellydance teacher they had in this very high class females gym, where only wealthy women joins. I had a group of 55 students there, the owners told me that were all the students of their gym! I had to teach these classes with a microphone, because the studio was massive. Even so, many learned well, because I was moving all around the studio, checking everyone was catching all the movements well, so noneone get's back. I was introduced to this place by a student of mine from another place where I was teaching.

            • Bellydance Instructor · 2002 to 2003 · Barcelona, Spain
              This dance school was located in Sarriá, I don't know if is still open, the owner was a flamenco teacher. I was teaching there twice a week. At the end of the course, my students danced with me on stage, I still have the photos of that day, eveyone was amazed! One of my students told me that she lost 9kg in 9 months with me, and I wasn't using the strong teaching techniques I am using now. Now my BBDC students looses weight quicker!

            • Bellydancer · 2001 to 2002 · London, United Kingdom
              I danced in this place mainly in parties, birthdays, new year eve, etc. I remeber the first time I came to the restautant, the owner was worried because he didn't know me yet, and he saw me very well dressed with shiny indian t-shirt, and as there were already some non-professional women performing as "BellyDancers" in London, he thought that I was going to dance in front of his costumers with that, and of course I wasn't going to do such a thing!! I was already very professional BellyDancer at that moment, already been 8 years performing publicly in high class places internationally.

            • Bellydancer · 2001 to 2002 · London, United Kingdom
              I was the first dancer at this restaurant that was in Hampstead Heath, London. They inagurated the restaurant with me, I stay dancing at their place during a while. One day 3 years later, I came to visit this restaurant, and the owner told me that he had many bellydancers performing there, and so far I was the best bellydancer he ever saw. I told him that I was looking for a space to rent, because I was been asked by some people who wanted to study bellydance from me, then he offered me for free his basement space for free (he only used that space renting it for parties), until I form a solid group of students, so then I could afford a proper place to teach Bellydance. I managed to have 3 reduced groups of 5 student per group. I was getting paid 15 GBP per student per hour class. I was 3 times more expensive than regular teachers in London, so I asked my students why they were willing to pay so much more, and they said to me: "Because you don't show off, you teach us quickly and efficiently". This is when I started to pick up the feedbacks from my students, so their words become part or my posters. After this I started to teach in 3 Dance Studios in London with solid groups, and to guarantee their assistance as I had to pay strong studio fees, is when I started to make them do homework and evey day teach something new, that will not be taught any other day. This was the starting point of the course I created few years later while living in Egypt, the BBDC "Become a BellyDancer in 25 days Course"

            • Bellydancer · 2001 to 2002 · London, United Kingdom
              This place is a Greek restaurant, on my times was owned by 3 brothers who were retired artists (male greek dancers). I remember one of their names which was Ulyses, the other two brothers I forgot. I was performing at their place on weekends, and I was told by the musicians who already were performing there for I think they said 6 years or 20 years (I forgot), that I was the bellydancer who stayed longer time than anyone else. One of the 3 owners was a big fan of me, probably this is why I lasted so long. I left the place when I had to go to study in Spain for 1 year, otherwise I would have been dancing there for longer time. After many years when I moved to Cairo EGYPT (2007) I called them to ask for references when I was applying to work as a Bellydancer in Egypt, and they still could remember me!!! :) The owner said to me: "Hi!! How are you Shams!! Of course I remember you, you are the Spanish BellyDancer!! ¿is this your new number?" And I was calling him from Skype. I explained him, and he was very happy that I called him. They never forgot me. If they are still alife (because they were very old already) you can ask them about me, they remember me as "Shams, the BellyDancer from Spain".

            • Bellydancer · In 2000 · London, United Kingdom
              As soon I moved to London, the first arabian place where I started to perform was owned by an Egyptian Coptic family from Alexandria. Was a really small place, but in Queensway, which is very centrally located. They took some photos of me, that they never gave me back, so if this place is still open, you may find my pictures hanging around. They had an organist and a darbukist and I was performing with them on weekends.

            • Bellydancer · July 1999 to September 1999 · Marbella, Spain
              on weekends

            • Bellydancer · In August 1998 · Paris, France
              on weekends with live musicians

            • Bellydancer · In August 1998 · London, United Kingdom
              This place was a 5* Arabian Nightclub in London, where will only enter the most rich families of Arabian Countries. After my first show improvising to live musicians, they offered me a 1 year contract, but again because of my Classical Ballet career, I didn't take it. There were two owners, one of them Egyptian. When I left my Classical Ballet career in 1999, I left Spain a year after, and I moved to London in August 2000. I went to visit this place again, and I found out that they change it by the poster in their entrance, to a bad place, so I didn't enter and I never came back.

            • Bellydancer · In August 1998 · Paris, France
              I was dancing n this place on weekends, and the owner of the 3 restaurants, offered me a 2 year contract, but I didn't take it because of my Classical Ballet career in Spain.

            • Bellydancer · 15 July 1998 to 15 September 1998 · Paris, France
              on weekends dancing with live musicians

            • Bellydancer · 15 July 1998 to 15 September 1998 · London, United Kingdom
              Only the best BellyDancers will dance in this place, like Mona El Said, and big stars. I danced here when I visited London, I was travelling around Europe, dancing in different places from mid July to mid September, at the same time I was in Paris also dancing at 3 places every weekend.

            • Al Andalus Dancer Specialist · March 1998 to July 1998 · Seville, Spain
              I was chosen by a casting done to all bellydancers in Spain. I was the choreographer, teacher and main dancer of the drama-dance production company at daily performance at the Al Andalus Palace owned by the Spanish King family, but normally is used as a touristic historical place to visit.

            • Bellydancer · In August 1997 · Casablanca, Morocco
              The Sheraton Hotel made a public event, were public had to choose Best BellyDancer of Morocco. I won the competition. The prize was a 1 year contract with the Hotel to work as a BellyDancer, but I didn't take it because of my studies of Classical Ballet at the Professional Conservatory of Dance in Spain (1989-1999)

            • Bellydancer · July 1997 to September 1997 · Casablanca, Morocco
              This place was an Al Andalus Palace facing first line to the beach. I was a daily performer during summer. I was one of the two professional Bellydancers on stage. We were dancing to an orquestra of 15 live musicians. My solo's of percussion were about 15 minutes long, I was on stage during 45 minutes. I worked there all summer, 6 days a week. To be accepted to perform in such a place, I had to a casting, they didn't accept anyone performing in this place, it had to be high class professional bellydancers only after a test.

            • Bellydancer · 1996 to 1999 · Marbella, Spain
              This place was a high class 5* place, where only very rich families will enter when was owned by a Lebaneese owners, later on the ownership changed to a moroccan person who converted into a bad place. I danced there while it was still a good place to perform. I think I danced here in two summers, in 1996 and in 1999. I already knew a musician that was working at this place, this is why i performed here in 1996, thanks to him, this musician was the best in Spain on those times. He is still living in Marbella area, and I am still in contact with him. He is one of my facebook friends.

            • bellydance teacher · 1995 to 2000 · Seville, Spain
              starting my own classes as a teacher after been 2 years assistant for Alia Shams classes helpping those of her students who will had problems to catch up the level of the groups

            • Bellydancer · 1994 to 1996 · Barbate, Spain
              6 days a week during 3 continous August on summer. Alia Shams and me we were the two bellydancers of this place, and we were performing with our own Orquestra contracted from Morocco. We has fans all over Spain, we were known as "Las Moras de Caños de Meca".

            • Bellydancer · 1994 to 1995 · Arcos de la Frontera, Spain
              This restaurant was owned by an Egyptian family. I had to come all the way from Seville to this village that was about 100 km away some Saturdays during winter time, when making substitution to Alia Shams, and I had to sleep at their home, I was sharing room with their daughters. I have good memories of those times. I had another artistic name at that moment, but everyone in Spain involved in the Bellydance field, knew me as the daughter of Alia Shams, so you can ask about me to those who still remember.

            • Assistant of BellyDance Teacher · 1993 to 1995 · Seville, Spain
              While I was learnning to BellyDance, I was the assistant of Alia Shams, the director and teacher of the School. As soon I learned to dance, Alia Shams will make me dance in suarets, private events, or even covering substitutions for her at Arabian family restaurants.

            • Bellydancer · 1993 to 1994 · Seville, Spain
              This was the 1st place where I remember performing publicly. I did some performences, mainly by substitution of Alia Shams. The first critic I recieved was by the Egyptian owner, he said: "you are too skinny, you look like a skeleton, and smile! you are very serious, smile!" I remember his skin colour was dark, maybe he was Nubian.


            • From 2009 to 2010 · Marbella, Spain
              Qualified as a Tourist Animator. I studied all types of form of dances, plus I learned to be a professional toursit animator. I did this course to get a title in Tourism, related to Dance, and I could use this to produce the charity projects I have in mind all related to Tourism that I have not start yet.

              From 1993 to 1999 · Seville, Spain
              Studied the career of Classical Ballet. I was studying 5 hours every day Monday to Friday, from 5pm till 10pm. The modules I had were: - Classical Ballet - Music composition and structure - Contemporary Dance - Corporal expression

            • From 1993 to 1995 · BellyDance Archeology · Seville, Spain